By 7-figure Sam Bakhtriar

The information overload we’re subject to, combined with hectic pace of life, AND high levels of stress. causes many fitness professionals to despair.

Don’t Panic

Really. There is no need to panic. If you feel like you’re near a breaking point, or even if you feel like you’re already broken, there are many practical things that can do to keep your life simple, get back into balance, and enjoy what you do again.

Let’s dive in shall we??

You’ve heard about multi-tasking and many people view it as a skill. The truth is it’s counterproductive because our brains simply don’t cope well with trying to multi-tasking. Dave Crenshaw the author of “The myth of multitasking” actually says that what we’re actually doing is switching tasks. Which is not efficient.


It’s easy to take on too much when we do it gradually over time. What activities are essential, and which ones are optional? Learn to say NO, it’s perfectly acceptable to do so. As a matter of fact it shows an awareness of your limitations.

I believe any reasonable intelligent human can learn any skill. But here’s the point: Just because you can it doesn’t mean you should. Your time is best spend doing things that you’re naturally good at and then outsource the rest.

Most people worry way too much about what may happen in the future. But worry saps your energy today when you need it the most. Rarely is
our projection of the future accurate. Deal with tomorrow, tomorrow for now be PRESENT today.
Are you a procrastinator? That’s a sure fire to generate stress as the deadlines loom, prompting a last minute dash to the finish line. Decide in advance what you will accomplish each day and protect it like you would protect your child. If you’re having a problem with this then you might want to get a accountability partner or coach.
Time is the most precious resource, and it’s limited. I don’t know about you but I hate wasting even a second of my life. So stay away from chatterboxes, and time vampires. Let people know in advance how much time you have allotted for each task.

When your workspace is cluttered with papers, books and other items, it affects your mental state. In short, you’ll fell cluttered and stressed. Clean up and organize yourself. Nuff said ;)

Even if you have a regular income, debt is like a 45lb weight around your neck. Put yourself on a budget and stick to it no matter what. Some of the wealthiest people that I know have a budget. I recommend using to manage all your finances and to set budgets. I also recommend having a meticulous bookkeeper to keep you accountable and keep track of every penny in your business. My bookkeeper is ANAL about my books and that’s the way it should be. Email me and I will introduce you to her.

When you’re having a bad day, remember you’re having a bad day. It’s not the end of the world. How many times you look back at a “bad day” and remember it wasn’t as bad as it seemed. Even the worst day is only 24 hours long ;) There is always someone much worse off that you are.

Have parameters in place that act as rules for what you will and won’t do. Deciding in advance makes the decisions easier when they arise, and you’ll feel better about the times when you have to say NO. Don’t bulldozed into anything that you know deep down violates one of your standards.

Do you control your direction in life, or do you allow your life to take you wherever it wants? The latter is a recipe for disaster, and for stress. You need to be the one who controls where you’re heading.