The $100 training session – you’d have to call it the holy grail of Personal Training. It’s the right of passage – the sign that you’ve made it. It’s what separates the elite trainer from everyone else.

Does money and income define you? Hardly. But in our society it’s how we keep score. And something about the $100 session puts you in a different league in your own mind, you client’s, other trainers, and society at large (after all, how many people can pull a hundred bucks in an hour for their services?).

So let’s get into this issue right here. With all the different tricks and strategies trainers use to grow their businesses and get more money out of their clients, the most simple, obvious, and effective is raising your session price.

Giving this subject it’s just do turned into a very long post, so I’ve decided to split it. Right now, we’ll set up the topic. In part 2 we’ll talk about the strategies I’ve used to get one hundred to over two hundred dollars per hour, along with a few strategies I haven’t used but have observed, and how you can apply them right now to increase your rates.

What separates the $100 session from all others?

There’s a huge psychological element to it. Once the session has passed $100, you are in new territory. No matter how rich your client is, something different is expected of you to justify the higher prices. You’ll feel the added responsibility yourself.

First let’s get one thing established – you cannot expect to train 50+ hours per week at $100/session and expect to maintain it!

Before you start doing the math and multiplying $100 x 10 hours per day, calculating that to $1,000 a day x 365 days a year, and start flipping through your local home buying guide for a nice two million dollar mansion, let me stop you. Despite the high earnings that are possible in training, holding sessions all day every day isn’t a viable option. It’s not sustainable – good luck trying.

Your $100 session is a weapon in your income arsenal. Getting your rates to that level isn’t a license to run your expenses up to match. What that income level gives you is a tremendous amount of leverage. It gives you the ability to hit a very comfortable income level in just a few hours a week. You can start to position yourself and work on your career to take you to even greater success.

What that means is landing the $100 session up front will ensure many more paydays later. You’ll have the time, savvy, and financial intelligence to earn your income through multiple streams in the future, not just from teaching squats and lunges. It buys you leverage. You now have the time to become your own public relations department, new business development department, or publishing and speaking department, whatever happens to suit you. Or if pure training is your passion, you can now focus on creating a high-leverage situation that’ll take your income even higher, like an ultra high-end studio, gym, or utilizing some cutting-edge equipment.

It’s true that in some cases the $100 session is actually very easy to hit. With the right factors in place, the $100 session can be considered the norm. But we’re not going to get into that part of it here because that’s not how I do it.

To get to my $100 sessions I don’t have those factors like location, PR, or connections to make it guaranteed. I need to do a certain amount of life-hacking. Since I don’t have a high-end studio, gym, expensive equipment, celebrity clientèle, pHD in fitness, or Olympic Gold Medal under my belt, I’ve got to use other techniques to stack the odds in my favor. And it’s worked. From what I’ve heard, my lowest-end training rates are higher than the hourly rate of an Olympic gold medalist that one of my clients goes to for private swimming lessons. My hourly rate is much higher than what I pay my kick-boxing coach for private training, even though he’s an acclaimed coach with his own gym, roster of fighters, and over 20 years of experience and the broken bones to prove it. These strategies we’ll get into now will help get you there too.

Getting back to psychological factors again for a sec, we have to be honest and say that if you have those “social proof” triggers going for you, your work is easy. We all live in the real world, so let’s get a few things established right off the bat.

If you’re mega-good looking you can get away with charging $100, no problem. You see this in big cities a lot, where certain trainer’s websites look a lot more like modeling portfolios. Or if through some friend or family connection you’ve managed to train a major celebrity, athlete, or get major exposure in the media, that will carry you for a long time as well.

Those things work, but everything comes with a price. We all know that creating your “business of one”, your training practice, teaches you the major life and business lessons you need to take your success to amazing places. But if this success is just handed to you, you don’t learn any of these skills. Implementing the skills to get to that level will trump getting there by luck in the long run every time.

On the flip side, there are factors that can make it impossible to hit this level. Right now you may be in an environment where your market simply cannot pay you $100 for a training session. Or no matter how smoothly you spin your story, you simply do not have the experience or credentials to back it up. That’s ok – these are exactly the type of problem solving situations we love to tackle here. That’s where the info I’m going to share with you is going to be the most valuable.

Look out for PART 2 of this post, where we’ll get into specific strategies on how to create $100 training sessions no matter what your training level or environment.


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