Personal Trainer Marketing on Super-Trainer.comMaybe they thought it was a good way to stay in shape or a great way to meet women, but their passion is not really in it. You may see them on cell phones or staring off into space during sessions. They just show up and ask the front desk if there were any new sign-ups, not putting any effort whatsoever into soliciting referrals themselves. Yet, more often than not, there are trainers who do have the passion and hunger, but can’t seem to break out of the $15/hour rut into six-figures. In that case, what makes a good personal trainer into a great personal trainer? Why, personal trainer marketing of course!

  1. Be the best you can be. You can market yourself on every billboard in town, but if you’re not all that effective, you’re going to have a difficult time keeping pace. Remember, bad reputations spread faster than good ones! Go to seminars, read books, get additional certifications or training, and develop your business.
  2. Speak out. Get involved with local clubs, organizations, schools, or groups who need professional speakers. Address groups of people in seminars and position yourself as an expert. You’ll be amazed by how effective this form of lead generation is!
  3. Seek referrals. The best way to get business is to ask your current clients to refer more. Many people don’t feel comfortable asking, in which case you can publicize a promotion offering something for free (or the chance to win a grand prize) for every referral you receive. Make it easy for clients to do and they will. Write thank-you notes to each and every client and beneath your signature, let them know you are a “referral only” business who depends on the kind words of others to get by.
  4. Build your testimonials. You can never have too many testaments to your greatness. Kindly ask each client to fill out a survey at the end of their contract and post these success stories and testimonials on your page to build trust with your prospects.
  5. Meet with people each day. Make it your goal to schedule several face-to-face meetings with prospects every single day. Nothing compares to this form of marketing, which is incredibly persuasive. Once people meet you and get to know you, they feel they owe it to you to try your services.
  6. Make it easier for people to try your services out. Part of this means making a 100 percent money-back guarantee and another part of this means offering a free trial. Your personal trainer marketing should make it seem like a quick, easy, painless and affordable program to sign onto.
  7. Look for cross-promotional opportunities among local businesses. Offer the staff deep discounts or something for free in exchange for their agreement to hand out referral cards or advertise your services at their business. You’ll be surprised how well this works.
  8. Create special offers for past clients. It’s often easier to attract repeat-business than it is to solicit brand new clients. Think of a special offer that will entice people to work with you again.
  9. Transform your expertise into products. Create e-books, online training programs, DVDs, apps, supplement packages, nutrition coaching, or accelerated weight loss programs. Make t-shirts with motivational sayings or do whatever you can do sell tangible goods.
  10. Focus. When you’re with a client, let them know the only thing that matters to you at that point in time is his or her success and personal goals. Give that person your undivided attention, encouragement and support. In the end, customer service is better than any personal trainer marketing you could ever do.

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