So here is my secret, well not a secret anymore !  It brings in thousands of dollars per cycle and 100’s of clients without fail. It will vary from bootcamp owner to bootcamp owner and city to city. But you can make this work as successfully as I do. I use 3 Bay Area deal sites;, and I have used Facebook, and and they have been great, but they are hard to land on a consistent run basis because of their back log of people wanting to run. The deal i run is my “$247 4 week Bootcamp program + $50 gym membership, a $297 value for 29$!”. So find 3 of the biggest local sites you can in your area and start working them. So here is the format:

This looks easy, and yes it is! In all the times i’ve run with deal sites, and it has been dozens and dozens, i have found that if Deal #1 runs on week one, its usually the next week until the customer will redeem their coupon. So that gives you a week cushion to each run. So with that said, a little more detail added to the format:

Week 5 : Deal Site #1 Customers end their 4 week run and are ready to convert.

Week 7 : Deal Site #2 Customers end their 4 week run and are ready to convert.

Week 9 : Deal Site #3 Customers end their 4 week run and are ready to convert.

And this is key, once your deal runs, you have 12 weeks to schedule another one, i have found it easy that once you have ran with a site, and have proven to bring in the sales and make it a win / win, sites will have no problem setting up a reoccurring deal run about every 3 months. Here are some numbers from my past 3 runs to give you an idea of what im talking about;

Week 1 : PlumDistrict runs and sells : 117 deals @ $29 = $3,393

Week 3 : JuiceInTheCity runs and sells : 136 deals @ $29 = $3,944

Week 5 : Tippr runs and sells : 89 deals @ $29 = $2,581

These numbers are consistent, ranges about these numbers listed above, give or take 20 plus of minus. THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is that you has your closing and converting down! Me and Forrest close and keep around 25% of all coupon people, doesn’t seem like a high percent, but with such a large volume of people, honestly it doesn’t matter. We use “Limited Spot” scarcity tactic, and it works like a charm. Even in group settings, where we announce to a group of 40+ that we have 10 spots left for the class, and around 20 of them are coupon people. Easy process, works like a charm, they rush for the clipboard with there credit cards in hand! So lets do some math;

Total : 342 people : $9,918 @ 50% for the deal sites cut ( But we offer an intangible service, so we lose nothing by offering such a HUGE discount. Its like someone handing thousands of dollars and 100’s of clients for doing nothing more then what you are already doing anyway.) $4,959

342 people x .25 autoresponder/sales close % = 85 people closed. My average close amount is $137 a month, based on discounts, days of the week attending and commitment length down from $247 a month.

85 x 137 = $11,642….. How many weeks in a year? 52 weeks, exactly. So this gives you more than enough time with about a month in between each 3 month cycle to workout loose ends before you run another cycle.

12 weeks. $4,959 Profit, 342 prospects, 85 new clients closed, increased revenue by $11,642 a month.

Times 3!

1 Year. $14,877 Profit, 1026 prospects, 255 new clients closed, increased revenue by $34,935 a month by the end of the year.

After running multiple times, you would think that it would be marketed to the same people over and over and numbers would drop, but no, thats not true. Their subscriber base grows everyday. So a quick tip to get started, go to Google, enter your local big city name and deal sites. Example; if you lived in Dalls, Texas you would search “Dallas deal sites” and hit enter. You come up with a proposed deal, and email it out to EVERY site. Don’t make the mistake and email one at a time, send them all and watch the replies fly back!

Recommended deal proposal : $247 4 week bootcamp and $50 nutrition packet, $297 value advertised at $29 bucks. Over +90% off, the deal sites will eat it up and love you :)

Roy Schuhmacher