Who Are You Kidding / Kick In The Pants

Who Are You Kidding / Kick In The Pants

Posted on 08. May, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

This is a guest blog post from my man Nitin “Cab Driver” Chhoda. He calls me Military Midget cuz I have no hesitation firing a sub par personnel while he puts up with crap for months.

And the Midget part oh well I am 5’5″ on a good day ;) Good things come in small packages HOLLA

Ok, Here is “The Cab Driver”

Sam (aka Military Midget), thanks for the opportunity to write for your
blog. I’ll pre-frame this article by saying it will:

a) Piss off some people
b) Make others go A-HA
c) Make a few go – I get that – I’m doing it, but this is a good reminder.

Here’s the interesting thing

– The ones in the (a) group don’t know how to run a training business. They
are just KIDDING THEMSELVES that they do know how to.
– The ones in the (b) group are rising stars
– The ones in the (c) group are successful players, and might be able to
tweak their game a little bit more.

Which one are you?

Let’s find out… with a reality check.

Can you name three systems that you are CONSTANTLY IMPLEMENTING to get new


Ok, how about one?

Not a single one?

Ok, I’ve got news for you…

It will be an epiphany.

It will ALSO be a swift kick in the pants.

You are building your training business ASS BACKWARDS.

Now that the ones in the (a) category stop reading and exit the page (yes,
beat it and slide further into oblivion), let’s understand the importance of
a system.

It’s a work flow that is so simple to execute, anyone could step in and
implement in your absence. Systems allow you to focus on the things that
drive your business forward – marketing decisions, brand development,
relationship building with physicians and patients. They also allows you to
focus on the things that matter the most – quality of your training session,
interaction with and follow up with clients to maximize retentin and
referral generation.

If you don’t have systems, you don’t have a business, you may have bought
yourself a job.

It’s easy to stay in your comfort zone and hide behind the chaos that is so
common with most people.

An individual trying to build a system may feel like a fish out of water,
but once they are set, systems (created by you) can be implemented by high
quality staff.

The most successful fitness business owners are able to concentrate on the
critical stuff (creativity, staff training, building systems) that results
in major business expansion, instead of holding themselves back with the
lower priority tasks / shiny objects that drain time and energy…..

Here’s the interesting thing – the majority of low priority tasks can be
implemented by others using…


Ok, now that you’ve had your A-HA moment, give yourself a pat in the back
and a kick in the butt at the same time.. because nothing matters till you
IMPLEMENT systems.

More importantly, SOME SYSTEMS are more important to implement than OTHER

Here are a few examples:

a) Why worry about your face book marketing if you don’t have an
autoresponder to welcome new clients and ask for referrals?

b) Why try and advertise in the local newspaper if you don’t have a ‘hook’
and ‘free giveaway’ to capture the contact information of prospects?

c) If you have three or more systems, then you are in the (c) category
(which is great because you DON’T get to kick yourself in the pants)

The bottom line – SYSTEMS will set you free from the day to day nonsense in
any business, especially a customer service business like personal training.

Nitin is a worlds #1 marketing guru for physical therapists. Get his
Physical Therapy Management
Solutions and get a TON of free content on how to grow your fitness



08. May, 2011

I agree your business should be automated, especially your marketing. Most major businesses like Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. are run on systems. Because of systemizing my business, I can literally walk away for a week or two and still make money while I’m gone. Great post Nitin. Thanks


09. May, 2011

Nitin you nailed it brother. Systems are a must and testing and tweaking is a must. If you are in category B start implementing you will set your biz in hyperdrive. If you are in category C keep testing and tweaking. How much would 1 extra client a month generate for you? How about 1 extra per week? per day? It starts adding up. This is a crucial strategy to work on the biz not in the biz.


09. May, 2011

The truest test of a business is whether it can grow even when the owner is not present. The only way that is even remotely possible is with creating systems in your business.

The only things a true business owner should focus on is his marketing and sales conversion systems.

Thanks for the great post nitin!

Leanne Ellington

09. May, 2011

Damn! You know a lot about business for a cab driver!

And your words could not be any truer. Systems will set you free and give you back ownership of your life. What’s the point of owning your own business if you are constantly being suffocated by all the details and minutia. Love this post Nitin.

Didn’t piss me off at all…unless you left the meter running the whole time I was reading it. Pshh cab drivers! =)


09. May, 2011

Great post Nitin. Getting my systematization on this week!

Erick Ruiz Salgado

09. May, 2011

Great post. I think its common for business owner to feel a need to be involved but unless they are utilizing systems, they are most likely micromanaging their business. My goal is to great a automated business with a personal touch. I will definitely use systems to achieve this. Thanks for the great info


11. May, 2011

Thanks everyone.. awesome to see so many comments. When it comes to systems, there’s no better resource like the Military Midget..


12. May, 2011

HAHA now this is a laugh in a good intellectual way, great financial management. Preparing for a business plan for growth, planning, monitoring progress, reviewing plans, setting targets is some ways to make a business success! Thumbs up!

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