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Personal TrainingAfter all the HYPE surrounding it’s release (created mostly by me), it’s finally here …

Without it, most trainers will go on the way they always have – frustrated and not getting to that higher level of training they see and hear about, but no one ever tells you how to reach … but now we’re setting the record straight!

The Whistleblower Report: The Truth Behind Training

CLICK HERE to see it now – this is the report that pulls back the curtain and shows you what the Personal Training industry is really about:

  • Why most trainers have been lied to and completely exploited
  • The type of clients that bring the highest return
  • Why Personal Training is the best career on earth (if you do it right!)
  • How to create the fitness lifestyle
  • What success in training really means

If this sound like hype, it’s not – that’s passion! It can’t be hype because The Whistleblower is FREE –

But I’m only letting 500 people see the report – I don’t want this to get in the hands of everyone (about 100 slots were taken in the pre-launch).

CLICK HERE to secure your spot and download the report – it may be the most important thing you’ve read since you became a trainer. One of those eureka moments that will get your mind racing and adrenaline pumping (again, not hype!) –

Enjoy the report and don’t forget to leave your comments!

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Doug Murphy

19. May, 2008

Couldn’t agree with you more! I’ve been self-employed for 10 years now, and I had a very similar experience to yours. I have a waiting list of clients, don’t work weekends, stopped doing 6am appointments years ago, and don’t advertise. I also don’t train in any gyms-I got tired of giving away my income in excessive gym fees. I’ve been successful by doing things others said couldn’t be done, and always giving my clients 110%. I swore that once I had my own business I would treat people the way I would want to be treated-be upfront, honest, reliable, and above all, no high pressure sales tactics (health clubs could learn a few things from my business model) I am at the point where I can turn down business, and have on occasion fired clients who were uncooperative, difficult, or self-sabotaging. Wouldn’t every trainer love to have that choice!

Craig Brown

21. May, 2008

Kaiser…thanks….this is exactly what I needed. I have been wanting to switch professions to personal training for several years now but have had some trouble trying to make the change. I have never seen the kind of information that you have shared here anywhere. I had no idea where or how to start this process, but after reading The Whistle Blower Report, I feel I have a much better understanding of what I want and need to do. My two immediate goals are fininshing my ACE Certification and getting my body to the fitness level that will help to inspire myself and potential clients. Do you have an opinion on which certifying body would be better to learn from? Thanks again man! I needed this boost of inspiration!


08. Jun, 2008

The feedback on this thing has been amazing –

Most of it has been private through emails, but from some important people in the industry –

This Report was for the little guys like me, but I’m glad so many people of all levels of the industry understand and appreciate what I’m putting across –

I’ll put together a post to share some of the private Whistleblower comments in near future –

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