Interview With The Legendary Dr. John Spencer Ellis

Interview With The Legendary Dr. John Spencer Ellis

Posted on 24. Jul, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

I will be the first one to admit that I have completely misjudged John. When I first met him in 2007, he seemed stuck up and arrogant. Well, I was wrong!!! Now that I have gotten to know John a lot better, he has turned out to be one of the most genuine, sincere human beings out there. In life you have to make decisions for yourself about whether you like someone or not and NOT be influenced by anyone else. I was wrong and I have no problem being a man and apologizing for that. I will never let me ego get in the way of doing what’s right.

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Greg Justice

25. Jul, 2011

Very enjoyable interview…good real world, meat & potatoes advice for trainers, thanks for sharing.

Loved hearing about John’s Alaska adventure, as I went to high school in Anchorage, AK. It is a beautiful state and everyone should put it on their wish list.

Alex Cullen

26. Jul, 2011

great interview keep this stuff coming fast becoming my fav marketing blog

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