Get Your Personal Training Business Bringing In Big Money

Get Your Personal Training Business Bringing In Big Money

Posted on 19. Jan, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness


There’s another “secret” out there, besides just the “law of attraction”.


We’re now officially two weeks into the year.  How are your resolutions doing? Just kidding.  If you’re anything like me, I know you’re not in the “resolution” crowd.

That’s for OTHER people, to give them excuses to make changes once a year (which they usually back out of).  But for me and you, we don’t need an excuse to make immediate, wholesale changes to what we’re doing.  Anytime is a good time to go harder.


And on the subject of the new year, I realize that I kind of missed the whole boat on writing good new year’s themed articles (God knows I milked Christmas for all it was worth).


So knowing that I’m beyond late, let me finally get into the NEW YEARS spirit.  Considering that this is the week that most people’s new years enthusiasm starts to diminish, I’m sure you won’t mind.


For this article, I want to hit you with “a BIG IDEA.” Do you want to know THE SECRET to success for personal trainers and fitness business owners?  And on the flip side, what causes more frustration, disappointment and failure than any other single factor?


In the training business, where some trainers struggle working for big box gyms for what averages out to less than minimum wage, why are some trainers booked solid at $100 plus per hour?

Especially when hundreds of trainers argue with justification that they have far, far superior credentials and content? Why is EVERY Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse successful, when in virtually every city in which there’s a Ruth Chris, there are steakhouses serving steaks of equal or even superior quality, at lower prices? Why does every city house both starving gym owners and millionaire gym owners?

The answer really comes down to one word:


I think this concept frightens those trainers who are unable to come up with any flair, style, or image of their own. They prefer to believe that just the training is everything.

In other types of businesses, this would be an example of thinking “the product” is everything.


But it isn’t just the product or the training. It nearly never is. A steak is a steak, a tabata is a tabata, a bootcamp drill is a bootcamp drill, within a small, marketplace-acceptable range of competence.

If you stubbornly insist on believing you have (or need) a superior or unique certification, technique, training type or competency, or worse, insist on complaining the injustice of possessing such a superiority and still losing out to inferior competitors, you’re only hurting yourself. You closing your eyes to reality and suffering needlessly.


And since we’re dealing with the subject of secrets, I’ll tell you one of my own. I know there are trainers out there worlds better than I am, who have charged at most $25, or $50, or even $75 for a private session, when I’ve charged $250.  And there are that have done group training who are worlds better motivators and teachers than I am, who have made less than $30 for a group session, when I’ve made hundreds more than by positioning myself as an expert in mine.

They are more adept than I am, work much harder during their sessions than I do, and arguably deserve greater fees than I command, but who work for peanuts compared to what I’ve commanded.

I know of a few, and I’m positive there are hundreds I don’t know about. Why did I get so much for the work I put in (and even more for the work I didn’t put “in”, but that’s a different point).


Presentation is the reason you’ll find ALL Manhattan boutiques to be mostly empty space, but also why they can get higher prices and customer loyalty.

It all comes down to Presentation.  In this case, not the presentation of the training itself, but the presentation of me.  It’s all the little things, like the self-marketing, positioning, promotion, and expectation and frame management that goes on with training services that adds up to presentation. It’s the hundred and one things that have nothing to do with the actual training program itself.

I know a lot of trainers get this internally, but have just been missing the reminder or motivation to actually consciously focus on it.  This is one of the biggest things taught in the SIX-FIGURE TRAINER PROGRAM, which really goes into the details of creating an outstanding training product in detail.

And talk to any real fitness business owner, that’s been doing this for a long time with MASSIVE SUCCESS (not the long-time struggling complainers) and they will tell you the same thing.  I’ve featured how Gunnar Peterson mentioned this very same fact in a national magazine, and I’ve never spoken to a successful trainer who would argue against it.

So by all means, keep the quality and integrity of your training product high, and progressively make it higher, and be sure to “sharpen the saw” on a consistent bases.  But remember there’s a lot more to this game than just the training, so make sure you spend A LOT more time learning about that.


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If it’s sounds like it’s right for you, I’m looking forward to hearing about the success you get with it.  Good luck.

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Ryan Dobbs

19. Jan, 2011

“It’s all the little things, like the self-marketing, positioning, promotion, and expectation and frame management that goes on with training services that adds up to presentation.”

Absolutely true. The little things make all the difference. Great post Kaiser!

Ryan Dobbs


19. Jan, 2011

Uhhhhh … your secret and THE SECRET are pretty much the same thing. No offense. Good post.


19. Jan, 2011

Yes Kaiser, you are correct, you taught this lesson much in the super-trainer manual. I loved learning about it and am using it more with my clients. This is a great post and every trainer needs to pay attention to it. I’ve noticed the trainers I work with don’t know anything like this, and will probably never figure it out. I hope they never find your site! Super-Trainer is my secret weapon.

Dutchys Fitness

20. Jan, 2011

Great article Kaiser, a lot of trainers really do not get this or even get the power of the internet, forever doing course after course. thanks for the info

Erik R

21. Jan, 2011

Wow, I see this all the time. There were also so many trainers out there who were better than me. But I just made sure that what I had to offer was unbeatable. I just knew that I could present my program better, deliver faster results, and add more value than the trainers who could physically train better than me.

Once I made that decision, things changed pretty quick.

Oh, good luck with the launch.


22. Jan, 2011

Hi Kaiser! This post was fantastic!

I remember reading the secret years ago and it was a very important book for me. It really changed the way I look at life, so I’m glad that you agree in some ways with what it teaches.

But you’re completely right – ACTION is the most important things and that’s what I learned from reading your site.

Now back to this post, I couldn’t agree with everything you’ve said here more. The way we present ourselves is the way people view us, whether we like it or not.
If you want to get more, you have to project that image. Kind of like the law of attraction all over again :-)

Great job and keep up the great work!

– R


12. May, 2011

I happened to read the book Secret. The world will conspires… but getting great results one must fully worked it out. Action, make it to reality and time will work the magic.

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