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Just like Sinatra used to say, at the end of the day, when you’ve made it, you want to say “I did it my way” …

One guy really taking that to heart in the fitness industry is NATE GREEN.

Instead of trying to fit anyone else’s mold on what it mean to be in fitness, Nate’s does his own thing – but he goes so hard and pushes at such a high level, that he makes it work.  With his book Built for Show now in book stores, other big projects in the works, along with his usual gig over at T-Nation, you might say Nate’s having more fun than anyone else in fitness (maybe even me).  But some of the biggest names in the industry have got his back, so it’s obviously not just all play and no work for him.

I was glad to have Nate back on the blog, this time for a full audio conversation, to share what’s new and to give more insights into the beliefs that drive him.  He’s an unlikely but very timely role model for all the new trainers who want to get started in this business and turn it into your own reality.

Here’s the full audio:

I don’t know if you caught it, but behind the slacker and badboy image Nate works so hard to maintain through his fitness lifestyle blog, The Nate Green Experience, there was a lot of hitting the pavement, banging on doors,  and busting his ass to get to where he is.

Ha! You can hold out waiting, but it looks like the rules for success still haven’t changed!

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29. Mar, 2009


Your audio clips are great, but I have a suggestion. You should podcast this material via iTunes. Its easy to set up your own podcast through iTunes, and every time you post new audio, it shows up in our iTunes and automatically starts downloading. Plus you don’t have to split the audio up. Then your audio can be portable, and easily broadcast! Keep up the good work.

Yavor Marichkov

29. Mar, 2009

It’s always interesting to hear how someone has arrived at a certain destination in his own words. Thanks Nate and Kaiser for this conversation.


Doug G.

29. Mar, 2009

Great reminder here. A point he made reminded me of the concept I’ve heard, ‘bust your ass now so everything will be easier later’ and how this can apply on a bunch of different levels. Whether it’s busting your ass networking, writing, or whatever you do, this concept seems to apply.


29. Mar, 2009

Thanks for the info..this has helped me put a lot of things in perspective.

Sarah Rippel

30. Mar, 2009

Another great interview by a fitness professional who obviously hasn’t sat on his laurels! :) In our industry, time waits for no one. I remind myself of this every day!


31. Mar, 2009

Good advice Walter – I’ll get on making that happen –

Yeah Yavor, that’s exactly the info I like to pull out of these guys, for anyone that’s looking to duplicate the results –

Yeah Doug, I’ve been looking to see if anyone has a short cut, but the old rules still stand – however, it’s natural for us to always look for the fastest way to get something done – that’s human nature and worthwhile to pursue – but even when you’re doing the right things, it’ll still take time and work –

Glad it helped Brandon –

Hey Sarah, are you talking about me or Nate?!?!? Yes mam, time doesn’t wait – but life wouldn’t be as much fun without a shotclock!

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