Where FUN And FITNESS Collide!!! Talking to Underground Strength Coach ZACH EVEN-ESH about fitness SUCCESS! (watch the screen-capture of our hard-hitting conversation)

Posted on 03. Feb, 2009 by in Fitness Marketing Strategies, Personal Trainer Sales Systems

underground-strength-coachI got on the phone recently with a guy that’s the living example of everything we talk about here on Super-Trainer – crazy man Zach Even-esh.

By crazy, I mean only the workouts that you’ll find going on at his gym and see online in his videos.  When it comes to business, Zach’s crazy like a fox, with his practice growing by leaps and bounds in the past couple of years, and with more big projects on the way.

He’s got his hand in a little bit of everything – watching him you’ll see how to take an area of fitness you love, and put it out to the world through multiple-channels.

Here’s the audio of our interview, to which I’ve added some screen capture to highlight the things we were talking about, and added in a couple of annotations along the way.   If you’ve been wondering whether all of this is possible, you’ll be a believer by the end:

Here’s Part 1:

And here’s part 2:

How’d you like that Jersey accent from Zach (come to mention it, I’ve got a pretty strong Queens accent!  Haha!)?  But it’s obvious from Zach’s case that no matter where you’re at now, you can take your angle of fitness and start to share it with the world in a way that brings you back big-time returns as well.  Whether it’s marketing, conferences, blogging, or training, he’s got his finger in all pies.  And hey, if a Jersey guy can do it, so can you!


The blog is just the beginning!
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zach even - esh

03. Feb, 2009

kaiser –

thanks for the interview brother, i hope peeps find this helpful and kick ass afterwards.

it’s all about taking action and having a smart plan

not a perfect plan, just a good, smart plan w/constant action!


Way to go Zach Dude!
I have been following your blog for some time. Your training style is a lot like CrossFit with a ghetto zip! I admire your go getting attitude and ability to blog on almost a daily basis. My question is where do you find the time to put all this together. From what I recall your married with kids! Wow! Next time I visit family in Connecticut, i will swing by your gym. Stay cool!

Doug Groce

04. Feb, 2009

You’re the man, Zach. That is some hard hitting advice. Have the right mindset, implement stuff fast, take a ton of action, be consistent. I respect guys like you and Kaiser a lot b/c you’ve earned what you’ve got through consistent work and effort, and you’re looking to help people not there yet reach their full potential.

Keep it up.


04. Feb, 2009

Yeah Zach’s pretty crazy – like I pointed out, the part I love is how everything fits together so perfectly with his own interests and personality. This is the kind of zen we should all be going for with our work and lives – he’s a guy that’s got about as close as you can possibly get it –

Chris McCombs

05. Feb, 2009

Dude, Zach Even-esh is one of the coolest dudes in the industry

Thanks for the interview Kaiser

Loving the blog man, loving it

Sean Flanagan

05. Feb, 2009

Great interview! Zach is clearly building some serious momentum in his business and its great to get some of his insights. One thing I wish you touched on more was how Zach sets up his small group training.

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