How I Reactivated 37 Clients in 2 Hours Kicking Back At Starbucks (Video Proof)

How I Reactivated 37 Clients in 2 Hours Kicking Back At Starbucks (Video Proof)

Posted on 13. Aug, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

Here is a quick video and proof on how I reactivated 37 clients in 2 hours. What’s funny is that I wasn’t even in the office.

[vimeo 26778081]

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Kaiser Serajuddin

14. Aug, 2011

Too funny – you and Boss Lady are the Soni and Cher of the fitness business. And in that comedy, you made an excellent point – unlike email, text marketing is INSTANT money. Great video man and I’ll be on this by the end of the month.


15. Aug, 2011

Yep K,

Proof is in the pudding. I did that in real time. I am so surprised at how many fitness pros DO NOT have their lists segregated. You definitely want to send the right offer to the right list

zach even - esh

16. Aug, 2011

damn that was deadly, Sammy! I gotta watch that AGAIN and get this shiz down correct and blow it up here in Jersey!!! Underground ain’t havn’ it!!!


PS: I TOTALLY know the dealio w/the wife and lil’ girl!! Man they got me wrapped around their finger, even my lil’ guy! They have my heart!!!


20. Aug, 2011

Hey Sam, what kind of software is that? Don’t think I can do all that with Fit Pro.

7Figure Sam

20. Aug, 2011


You can sign up for it here

Michael Duivis

29. Aug, 2011

Contactformula is a no brainer. I’m running promos every month to my lists for quick cash.

We all have those prospects that don’t sign up and then fall off the face of the earth… this will bring them back fast

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