Growth Happens During Rest And Recovery, Not Training

Posted on 02. Sep, 2009 by in Marketing Fitness

I’ve Been MIA for a long while – way MIA …

A combination of factors have led to longest period of neglect on Super-Trainer in history …

The fact that it’s Summer, I’ve got a ton of projects going on, and we’re in a period of transition on Super-Trainer, back to our DUMP THE GYM roots (you’ll see some changes on the blog soon).

Super-Trainer is always a fun project for me, not my primary business, so if you’re not hearing from here, you know I’ve probably got my hands tied …

But not this week, I’m down in Ft. Lauderdale getting some sun and just relaxing. Coming down to Florida was one of my favorite things to do back in my training days – I purposefully sought more freedom in my career so I could come down here even more frequently – that was one of my primary drivers …

Although back then it was Miami I would hit – I purposefully stayed away from Miami this time, so I could actually get some rest, and not have my inner party freak woken up by accident.

Getting R&R is one of the best things you can do for your career.  Just like with your body, growth happens during periods of recovery.  This is when you get to put things back in perspective, clarify what you want, and go back and tackle what you do with a brand new focus.

And something I’ve talked about a lot on this blog is how training isn’t your typical career. Your responsibilities are different, what you stand for is different, and how you live is different.

And that doesn’t involved being a follower, thinking only about money (although that’s very important), and having the same problems as everyone else.

As trainers we’re different people, doing important work, having our cake and eating it to, and headed someplace different.

This is always the way I’ve thought and what I’ve lived by, and being here at the beach has gotten me to focus and put things back in perspective again myself.

So look out for the changes very soon, and I’ll come back with more of the most effective real-world strategies in making money in fitness out there.   And I’ll look to bring you some pics from out here too.  Talk soon!

What’s on your mind?  Leave it in the comments below …

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Greg Crawford

02. Sep, 2009

I hear ya Kaiser…I’m headed to Florida next week for a week and need to recharge the battery.. Still trying to dump the chain gym and when I get back, full steam ahead!
I can already see the light through the tunnel.


02. Sep, 2009

Kaiser, I am a fan.

I like how you KNOW what is possible with a personal training career and hammer it into our heads in case we might strart to doubt it. It keeps our eyes on the prize.

Great webinar last night as well. I didn’t know what to expect, but you were great at answering all of our questions. For those of you on the fence about the Big Money course, I can say with confidence that it is packed with awesome information and really lays it all out step-by-step.

Keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to the return to “dump the gym” since I’ll be starting my career in one of those hell holes in October to get some solid real world training experience.


Paul LeTourneau


02. Sep, 2009

Hey Paul – thanks, it was my pleasure – yeah, the gym is a good place for some quick experience – keep us posted on how it’s coming with you – we’ll be able to help you out with some survival strategies while you’re there, over here in the comments section.
Greg, did you see the last post? It was about you …

Hello Buddy!

I’m pleased to hear your getting some quality R&R!
I notice this phenomena even when Im at The Coopers Institute for learning and testing. Just getting out of “Dodge” has miraculous psychological benefts!
However, taking a vacation is huge, something I have not done in 3 years due to my bustling chaotic business!
But! I am making a change and hope to see you in Fla real soon!



02. Sep, 2009

Thanks Kaiser! I missed that last post…..That does make a lot of sense.. Besides even on a slow day on my own I will probably make more than in the health club. Also working on a few good clients to possibly back me on my own.
Thanks brother!!!

p.s If anyone is reading these posts for the first time and hasn’t purchased any of Kaiser’s material on PT business, then get with the program and buy it!!!!!!!!!


02. Sep, 2009

Hey Kaiser,

I have been off your site for some time now… I was just curious how I access your site and start posting again! My screen name is All Day Kapp. I should ask, do you still have that area on your site? Anways, take care and good to see you posting again!

Greg Justice

02. Sep, 2009


I’ve been traveling a lot lately too, and it’s good to hear you’re going back to your roots, as I always enjoy reading your blog.

We’re very close to launching the Association of Professional Personal Trainers (APPT) and it’s impact on our industry will be huge.

These days young trainers have the advantage of some incredible resources to help guide them throughout their career, including many of your products. The APPT will be another resource for trainers at any stage of their career, especially those that are ready to “dump the gym”.

Thanks for all you do for our industry!


03. Sep, 2009

Hey Rivak – yes definitely, I always try to tell you you’re working way too much – a vacation should definitely be on the schedule for you.
Yeah Greg, just like anything, being a private trainer has it’s own mix of challenges, but compared to working in a gym, every day is a picnic. And review some of the CDs of the TOP-LEVEL TRAINER PROGRAM. We cover a few non-web scenarios, until you can go fully solo and bring the web into the mix, without management finding out.
Hey Sam, yeah sorry man – we shut down the forum for a bit – it’ll be back soon.
Keep us posted Greg – once it’s ready to launch I want to get you on the blog and hear all about it.

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