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Welcome to the information age

Welcome to the information age

My inbox gets slammed with so much email every day that I hardly read most of it –  but ever now and then something comes in that I’m real glad came my way …

That’s what happened a few days ago when I noticed an email from my buddy Dave Parise.

He sent over a very cool and very timely guest post for the blog – and if you know Dave at all, you it’s going to be something that you’ve got to pay attention to.

Here it is:


How can you be able to take an idea, a passion and turn it to a million $ company in less than three years. I did and we at Super-Trainer want you to as well.


Always keep in mind where this business knowledge is coming from. There are many important principles of business. The first is to have a huge expanding market. If you were the best cassette tape manufacture in the country 10 years ago, would it matter today?

No it doesn’t.  In a growing and evolutionary industry, every year you would have to work harder and harder to make the same coin.

One principle is to have unique products/services that consistently attract new business. If you don’t have a unique product/service, then you compete on price and convenience.  In that case it’s only about who has the best price and is closer to the customer.


Ideally, you should make your customers happy more than once in a while

Ideally, you should make your customers happy more than once in a while, but this is a start


But if you have uniqueness, then people must come to YOU to get the product/service. Without uniqueness, you must have a retention strategy to maintain your current client base effectively, or new business will dry up.

Success in business requires repeat sales or you are unemployed at your next renewal. You need a consumable services, but you also need a strong reason to renew that membership. We should always create a service that cannot be duplicated. Don’t be a rent a buddy.  Repeat customers are what really bring the pay off for all of that initial effort.


Another success principle is trends timing. During all cycles in the economy, certain people are making money because of the trends and many are losing money because of the same trends. How do you get in front of the trends? You study what creates them.

Currently the baby boomers make up the largest trend in the world. The baby boomers are anyone who was born between 1946 and 1964. At that time there was 79 million babies born in the USA, and one billion worldwide. If you can predict what these boomers are going to buy you can make a fortune.

Think about it… what do a billion babies need more of? Baby food, and clothes. Gerber sold 20 million jars in less than 2 years at the start of the boom.

Then the toy companies followed the trend – Mattel and Hasbro were the most profitable companies in the world at the time.

Lets jump ahead to when the boomer were in their mid 20’s; 1970-1980.  This was historically the biggest real estate boom of all time. Why? Because a billion people needed a home of their own.

My point it is so important to be in the forefront of the trends instead of following the trends. When you’re ahead, you’ll make extremely great money. However if you follow the rest you better be the best at what you do to make a livable salary.



If youre waiting for the green light, you wont find it

If you’re waiting for the green light to get started, sorry, but you won’t find it

If you’re currently slaving away at a gym, you should be looking at why trainers are going solo and getting out of the gym setting. Why are they? Do they know something you don’t? Maybe they’re getting ahead of the trend and setting the stage for something new.

I recommend you don’t have loyalty to your current situation. Please don’t justify your reasoning because it’s easy or you have so many friends, and your close to your clients (they would fire you in a pinch).

By going solo you also open up the ability to make more money by having others work for you. Alternatively, you can stay running yourself to the ground and working around the clock. If you say you’re too busy or have no time to get started on your own, understand what a lazy excuse that is.  When a client says they don’t work out because they have no time, do you believe them?  You can hide behind a TV or the internet and hope the fear goes away. Or you can take full responsibility for your finances and educate yourself on how to create and make wealth.

Here’s an alarming stat: the average 60 year old has less in their bank account today than when they were 19! And here’s another alarming stat, although not quite as negative: seventy-five percent of the wealthiest people in the world did it by going solo and owning their own businesses.


The bottom line is you must employ others once you’re solo so you can get more done. In reality, you are leveraging off the efforts of other people.

Wealth is created by either people at work or money at work. So you can understand how you need to make the move toward optimal results. You start the trend and follow-up by employing


Do not let your dreams turn to regrets. We never want to look in the rear view mirror and say “If only” , or “someday I will be”.


Dave Parise CPT FPTA

Super-trainer Advisory board

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25. Nov, 2009

Very good post Dave,
You break it down really well. I like the part about being unique, I definitely dont want to be “the let’s make a deal trainer”, so being unique and offering a service that is unmatched will without a doubt keep us busy. You are def where I want to be and will continue to learn from guys like you. Thanks man.

CC Matthews

25. Nov, 2009

Awesome Post Dave and Kaiser!

Being a studio owner myself – Dave this statement is very true, …”If you don’t have a unique product/service, then you compete on price and convenience.”….

I think alot of trainers get so caught up on trying to implement some new exercise toy and forget that a “product/service” could simply be showing your clients that you care and going above and beyond.

Ex.) If one of your clients get injuried or a mishap occurs(car accident, flu, etc..), send flowers or a get well soon card to the hospital or home. It shows you care.

Ex.) Start mailing out birthday cards on your clients birthdays. Okay listen… many birthday cards do you get on your birthday……that’s my point! When your client receives a card from you that has “happy b-day” handwritten by you…..Ding,Ding,Ding….client for life!!

You’re doing a great Job Dave!!

You’re Blog is looking Awesome Kaiser!!



25. Nov, 2009

Nice read Dave. Being unique is the cream of the crop. There are leaders in this world and there are followers. Which one of these categories would a “unique” person/business fit in?……

Dave – you speak from 30,000 feet. I love reading your posts and spent some time on your site. I’ll be adding your books to my library!

Dave Parise

30. Nov, 2009

Wow- Thanks gang- but you should really be thanking Kaiser…he has taken this blog to the next level unsurpassed by no other! Kaiser has formulated a team of professionals that know the difference. We have all heard the saying “doing the same thing over and over… leads to the same thing over and over” We all must work as a team and accomplish more! Today I offered a gift to a client for his son. He lost over 600,000 $$$ this year from a lost contract from another bidder. He more or less asked me to train his son for this years football team. However he asked for the lowest rate in the house $47.00 per visit. Inside I said holy shit- I will lose $73 per visit, and the holidays are so close!! Then I was taken by the heart and I thought about how important it was to his dad. I saw it in his eyes and felt the passion from his heart. I cut my rates $73.00 per visit! The feeling of hitting the ball out of the park does not equate to the joy his dad expressed. Today I did a professional courtesy to a dad and his son. This is the difference the unexpected gift- it is uncommon and greatly appreciated. We all must gift to get!

This site to me is a gift…we all give information to get you off and running…we just hope you don’t drop the ball.

Tony C

04. Dec, 2009

I just got off the phone with Dave Parise himself and his information regarding running a personal training studio is amazingly valuable. From his fees, to his business philosophy, he has found the right concept and consistently applies it to his successful business. Thanks Dave a for a great call and invaluable information. I will be in touch! Kaiser, thanks for having such a kick ass blog. It pumps me up everytime I read it.

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