Desperate Marketing ;(

Desperate Marketing ;(

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Last week a coaching client of mine asked me to take a look at his “reactivation” email and give him my honest opinion.

Below is our conversation. Please pay attention to how he went from sounding desperate in the first email and “begging” to making the email sound all about “them” and their “performance” in email #2.

Again the key to marketing is NOT making offers and offers. That triggers the conscious mind and once that’s triggered people will automatically have their guard up.

But if you market to their subconscious, they are receiving the same message WITHOUT triggering their “alarm”

I hope this makes sense to you. This tweak has revolutionized my business and has clients knocking down my door literally.

If you’re tired of chasing clients and “grinding” everyday. You might want to consider coming to Cali and hanging out with me for a VIP day. I guarantee you that your business and life will never be the same after.

You will never chase clients again.

You will never make desperate “follow up” calls.

If you’re serious to finally have a business that serves you. Email my right hand man and book your VIP day.

Don’t chase clients, learn how to attract clients to you.

OK, below is the desperate first email.



Could you take a look at this re-activation email I want to send out?

I could use a look over to see what you think…

Past Client Re-Activation

Email 1 – Subject: An ethical bribe

Hey sam,

Hope you’re doing well. Fall is on it’s way and people are getting back to their regular routine.

I know at some point coming to Infinity Fitness was part of your routine and I’d like to bribe you to come back in.

We have a lot of people who are dropping 5-15lbs doing our Fall Challenges and those are the sort of results that most people are getting by sticking to our Team Training formula.

I want to invite you to come back in and once you get signed up for either 6 or 12 months I would be happy to give you a completely free 2nd month!

As a matter of fact if you bring a friend with you we would be happy to give them the same deal AND give you an additional month on the house.

To make sure that it’s a no brainer decision I would be happy to include a complimentary nutrition consultation where I will give you a custom meal plan to follow and I’ll even throw in one of our “Strong” T-Shirts that you have probably seeing around town.

We would love having you back to see the new programs and fun workouts we’ve been doing.

If you are ready to come on back and take advantage of our VIP offer then CLICK HERE to buy online or give us a call at 203-987-6452 and we will get you all setup.

It’s been a while since you’ve been at Infinity Fitness and I’d love to have you come on back.

Hope to see you soon



Below was his new and improved version.



Here is what I think is a much better version of the email … but please still give me the straight talk if you think it sucks

Past Client Re-Activation

Email 1:

Subject: I’ll pay you to look and feel awesome

Hey sam,

Hope you’re doing well. Fall is on it’s way and people are getting back to their regular routine now that kids are back in school.

At Infinity Fitness our Team Training program is changing people’s bodies by the dozens. We have two challenge programs going on right now and most people participating are down 8-12lbs in the last 4 weeks.

I know at some point coming to Infinity Fitness was part of your routine and if you are still looking to drop some body fat and transform your body then you owe it to yourself to get back in to Infinity.

I am so confident that you will drop weight following our new Team Training formula that once you lose 10lbs in the first 2 months I will give you your next month for half off.

You’ve got to qualify for this deal (that means you actually have 10lbs to lose) and to make sure that there is no chance you won’t get to your goal by following the program I will offer a free nutrition consult where I will design a custom meal plan for you.

So I’m laying it all out in front of you: If you have some weight to lose and want to actually make it happen RIGHT NOW. Then get back into Infinity Fitness and I will give you a step by step plan to drop AT LEAST 10lbs in your first 2 months back.

There’s a lot of people changing their habits, bodies and lives at Infinity Fitness RIGHT NOW and this is my personal invite to have you join them.

If you are ready to come on back and take advantage of your VIP offer then reply back to this email or give us a call at 203-987-6452 and we will get you all setup.

It’s time to stop wishing that things would change and it’s time to start taking action.

Hope to see you soon



Email 2:

Subject: Can you believe what Paul did?

Hi sam,

Hope you’re having a great week.

The other day I sent you a personal invite to come on back to Infinity Fitness. Did you get it?

I mentioned that once you lose 10lbs in the first 2 months you would get your next month at half off. I’m literally going to lay out everything you need to do (including a custom meal plan) and then pay you once you do it.

I’m happy to do that because at Infinity Fitness we live and die by the results we get for our clients.

Check this out:

“Before I joined Infinity Fitness I was overweight, depressed and my cholesterol was out of whack too.
After 7 months of hard work and the help of all the trainers I am a completely different person, physically and mentally
Everything keeps me coming back, great staff, great trainers, no pressure environment, but the biggest reason / motivation that keeps me coming back is I don’t want to be the guy before I started Infinity.”

Paul – weight lost: 36lbs

“I have always been an active person, but the motivation I got from the trainers there has really kicked me into high gear. Since I became a member I dropped 20 pounds.

Now I’m stronger, leaner and faster.
I always recommend Infinity Fitness to my friends, my only complain is that none of my clothes fit me anymore.

Now I need to go shopping for smaller sizes!”

Morgana – weight lost: 19lbs

So let me ask you, if you are still struggling with a weight loss issue what are you waiting for?

Our Team Training program, combined with our awesome staff of Trainers, is ready and waiting to transform your body; throw in a custom meal plan AND a half off discount once you lose 10lbs in 2 months and it’s a no brainer.

I really hope to see you soon.

You can reply to this email or give us a call at 555-1212 to get started.

I’m ready. Are you?!


Sam here again,

Wasn’t that a bizzillion times better?

To book a VIP day with me please email

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