Crossfit Culture Minus The Injuries

Crossfit Culture Minus The Injuries

Posted on 15. Mar, 2013 by in Marketing Fitness

Yesterday I send an email out that caused quite an uproar.

Good Way To Create Culture Minus The Injuries

Do I necessarily like their workout methods? Nope

Are they known for causing injuries? Yes

Side Note: As a matter of fact, I know a doctor in Orange County that ONLY treats Crossfit injuries and he is booked SOLID.

Do I necessarily agree with their business methodology? Nope

Does it matter what you and I think? Nope

You see Crossfit has create something more than just another workout program
they have created a “Way of Life”

I have said it before and I will say it again…..

If you’re going to be another trainer offering personal training, boot camp,
semi private training, you’re a commodity.

Being in a commodity business is a race to the bottom.

You should always…

Look at all the businesses around you in and out of your industry and apply
what works for them to your business MINUS anything that conflicts with
your core value and beliefs.

Good Way To Create Culture Minus The Injuries
Do I want to train like a Crossfitter? Nope
Do I want to open one up? Nope
Do I want to build a strong community and CULTure? Yes
Do I want to give my clients more than just an exercise program? YES
Do I want to injure my clients? only the ones I don’t like. (just kidding)

Your boy Sam,

Culture Minus The Injuries

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