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Let’s Get One Thing Straight From The Start

Let’s Get One Thing Straight From The Start

Posted on 30. Apr, 2011 by .


Hey Fitness Entrepreneurs What’s Up? It’s your boy Sam AKA 7 figure Sam writing to you from the windy city of Chicago. COLD HERE First of all I want to publicly thank Kaiser for allowing me to help out with Super-Trainer. Kaiser is going to be busy KILLING it in the NYC with his new Fitness Business. For those of you who don’t know me then you betta ax somebody. JK JK I promise you that at a later post I will give you insights about my history, life and who I was and who I have become. For now here is a quick 411. I am a father, a  husband,  a Persian fellow who moved to the US in 1985 , a fitness enthusiast, a fitness business owner, a doctor, an author, a bodybuilder,  a fitness marketing student and I am someone in relentless pursue of self improvement (that sounded like a Lexus Commercial) . I love fast cars, weight lifting, hanging with my family and friends and yes I like to PARTAAAAYYYY. I have told you what happens in Vegas Stays in Vegas (that’s a future blog post about marketing taglines) Here are a very short list (no […]

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