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Starting A Training Business | Increasing Fitness Profits

Starting A Training Business | Increasing Fitness Profits

Posted on 03. Jan, 2011 by .


  Whatsup gang and welcome to a new year!  I hope yours was good and you’ve got an ambitious and realistic action plan for 2011. On the subject of taking action, I wanted to put together a short article to get across an important point.  It’s about one of the main things that’s hanging up anyone in the fitness business from taking the next step in their careers, whether it’s getting started, going solo, stepping up their solo practice, opening a studio, or opening their second one or a full scale gym (as my long time student CC Mathews recently texted me he’s in the process of doing now). It’s PROCRASTINATION. Well, one big antidote to procrastination that served me well getting my fit-biz started is not being afraid to suck. Because no matter what, you will suck when you get started.  That’s how it is, and that’s life.  No one was good at anything the first time they tried.  But that doesn’t mean you get to sit on your ass and not get started – you still need to take massive action in spite of the fact you suck. Now a self-serving fact I’m going to share with you […]

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