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CASHING-IN ON THE NEW YEAR’S CRUSH!!! Get an early start on the BIGGEST time of year in PERSONAL TRAINING and FITNESS!

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The holiday season’s here, and for Personal Trainers Christmas comes a little later than for everyone else. It’s on January 1st that Santa gives his present to all the trainers and trainettes that have been good all year – in the form of a flood of new business! You know what I’m talking about – New Year’s resolution time! It’s when everyone resolves to change their life-long habits and start anew. Does anyone really ever keep the weight off? Not really (see accompanying picture), but who cares? Someone’s gotta be there to help – I know I’m going to step up and you should to! Here’s how –

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“HOW MUCH SHOULD I CHARGE FOR MY TRAINING?” Let’s Explore Everything That Relates to Price In Personal Training …

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How much should you charge for your training sessions? I once heard that price is relative to the cost of everything else on sale in the marketplace – well with Personal Training it gets even more tricky than that. That’s because training is an intangible service that’s highly dependent on the person delivering it (the trainer, ie YOU) That’s what this blog is about by the way – if the product is YOU, then no one should be telling you how much to charge or be steeling any of your money. Dumping the gym is the first step to getting paid what you’re worth. Back on subject, your rates aren’t dependent on the number of certifications you have, the kind-of shape you’re in, or how many years you’ve been a trainer. These are all factors that influence the price, but they don’t determine it.

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THE “BUSINESS” OF PERSONAL TRAINING: TALKING TO KELLI CALABRESE ABOUT GETTING SERIOUS IN FITNESS (listen to the in-depth audio of our conversation – new updated audio)

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Didn’t we just finish talking about how Personal Training wasn’t a business?!?! Yeah, but we’re going to shift gears and get down to BUSINESS – we’re going to talk about getting serious about fitness! Even though this blog is about passion and lifestyle, at a certain point you’ve got to make a decision: “Are you going to be a player, or are you going to keep riding the bench?” I got the chance to pick the brain of a lady that’s made a career of kicking trainers in the pants and reminding them to wake-up – Kelli Calabrese.

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“THE ART OF THE DEAL” FOR PERSONAL TRAINERS: Making Deals to Get More Training Clients

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As you already know, the The Art of the Deal was the title of the first of the series of self-promoting books by Donald Trump. In it he talks about his big deals with other major moguls and players on the New York scene. But making deals isn’t something reserved just for people in real estate. As a Personal Trainer, it’s something you need to get good at too. Some people might consider that “work”, but I consider it a perk. You get to deal with people of all levels as part of being a Personal Trainer. This of course makes you a much more competent and confident person. These are qualities you’ll carry for the rest of your professional life.

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