What are the Best Billing Strategies for your Personal Training Business

If you want to become a personal trainer that is getting good money out of your chosen career, you need to learn all the things that you need to know about personal training including the best personal training business billing strategy or personal training agreement. There are many fitness trainers who are running their personal training business who often made big mistakes when billing their clients. The aspect of proper personal training agreement is very important. Because the professional in the fitness field are passionate about fitness education and relaying that education to their clients, and not money collection savvy, they tend not to do the best when it comes to personal training agreement for billing. This is not because they don’t want to do the best but because they simply don’t know the best way to create the right personal training agreement for billing their clients.

The question is what are really the best and the most effective personal training agreements for billing that personal trainers should do to effectively bill their clients? There are many professional who think that it would be best to do billing per session. They are offering session packages for they believe that this is the only way to go. But this is not true as there are still many options out there.

The smart way for you to successfully generate income from this career is to have your clients sign whether a short term or long term personal training agreement. Consider adding three and nine month personal training agreement for all of your clients. That way, you can be guaranteed with income for the incoming months. It is very beneficial both to the client and personal trainer to initiate a long term personal training agreement. On the part of the clients, they will not need to pay up front anymore. Your clients will then have the opportunity to pay your services on a monthly basis.

The use of contracts, which is best referred as personal training agreement is highly recommended. This is because these personal training agreement are able to solve the challenges involved when cancellation is requested by your clients. With a personal training agreement, it becomes automatic that the clients will pay for the service no matter if they will cancel the program or not. Dealing with cancellations will definitely affect your salary as a personal trainer. With the use of a personal training agreement, you don’t have to deal with these.

Another thing is to think outside the box. It is not necessary to follow what most of the personal trainers are doing like a one hour session. You will surely agree that you can do better if you will leverage your time and train people on 20-30 minutes basis. This will enable you to work with about two to three people in just one hour. This will translate to better income as a personal trainer. It is also recommended that you put your clients on an automatic program for debit. This will remove you from the business of billing and collecting money.