Thoughts Will Mold your Destiny – Agree or Disagree?

As a person, there are surely questions that are pondering your mind. One of the questions that is surely troubling your mind is if your thoughts are molding your destiny. There are also things that might make you think if whether you are going to agree or disagree with it. One of the things that you can also think of is if you are going to agree or disagree with other people’s point of view. Some of the other questions that can also be troubling your mind are: Why is it that there are people who are more successful than others, why there are people who becomes successful easily while others are striving hard for success and why are there people who had become successful at their young age while there are some who are not. There is a statement that says your thoughts mold your destiny, will you agree or disagree with it?

The Turkish or Urdu word for destiny or fate is kismat. There is a saying that says the thoughts that you have in your mind are going to affect what your future is going to be. Will you agree or disagree with it? Or will you just say that the result of your destiny is going to depend upon the amount of work that you are going to put. Whether you agree or disagree, it is important that you know that there are things that you should do for you to reach your goals.

You always have to remember that you cannot neglect anything in your life. All of the things that you need to do must be set. It is either you are going to set it right or you are going to employ someone to do it for you. Being a leader of a company without having any work experience is going to be difficult. But then as time passes by, you will get all the answers to your questions one by one. You will surely notice that there are people who are working hard but are not going on the right direction for reaching their goals. There are also people who are not having any kind of time frame for achieving their goals that is why there are people who are becoming successful in their older age. People who are becoming successful at their young age are those who have defined their goals and had started working early when other people are still in the phase of planning their career. People who get success easily are those who are silently working to achieve their goals. There are a lot of people who are performing the same kind of work at the same time and the same work place but are having different salary. There are also some juniors that are being paid more than other seniors. Whether you agree or disagree, you always have to think that your future will always up on what you do. If you want to be successful in any field, say marketing or personal training, you need to have the right direction to succeed.

Companies are paying for the best performers and people who are just sitting idle without having innovative moves are just left behind in their race for promotion and salary. Those days, when seniority is the only criteria for being promoted is already gone.

Whether you agree or disagree, your grey hairs are not the things that can help you on achieving your desired goals. It is your commitment that will help you in achieving your goals early. It is not about if someone has achieved success in their field because of being old on the field.