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Celebrity Trainers Love Super-Trainer!

The Super Trainer website is such an amazing information site for personal trainers of all levels. I am proud to say that I personally know Kaiser, the founder and creator. Keeping up to date with the latest fitness trends is the best way to build up your client base and resume. Kaiser – looking forward to brainstorming with you for my next project!


Cynthia Conde, author of Bridal Bootcamp, star of Bridal Bootcamp reality TV show, developer of Bridal Bootcamp Training Program


Here’s the Word From The Magazine Editors:
I’ve worked with Kaiser on several features for our magazine, and he really knows his stuff. His combination of personal and professional writing styles not only is informational, it’s exciting to read! And he’s punctual — definitely the kind of writer I’d like to work with every issue.

John E. Thompson, Managing Editor, Personal Fitness Professional (www.fit-pro.com)



Earned the Respect of the Fitness Educators:

Kaiser is the type of trainer I only hope the majority of people in this profession try to become. Here is a guy that’s not settled with only stepping into the profession. Super-Trainer is a fantastic website that is the vehicle for Kaiser’s mission. It is loaded with great info including interviews and cool articles. I knew Kaiser was a special trainer who gets the commercial gym mentality and has transpired it through his own business. I was basically hooked. I’ve been in this profession for 10+ years. I’ve had my ups and downs with every known curve-ball that this career can throw at you. And its professionals like Kaiser that allow me to wake up each morning knowing this profession is in good hands. He respects what he does and he gets the fact that it is about the people he helps. For every trainer starting out in the field, walk a path parallel to Kaiser’s and you too will be reaching bigger audiences and enjoying every minute of it.

John Izzo – Founder Stand Apart Fitness (www.standapartfitness.com) – Writer and Fitness Educator with NASM, WITS




The Countries Top Trainers Have Cast Their Vote:

Wish I could have read something like the Whistleblower report years ago (would’ve saved me a lot of time)! Working for someone else is a dead end. I came to the realization years ago that I would never be truly happy and successful unless I struck out on my own. I wanted total control of my future and career, so that if I succeeded or failed, it was due to my actions and decisions, not those of inept management types above me that I had no control over. When you can do something you truly love and have a passion for, there’s no limit on what you can achieve. I really like your point that the people you work with are exceptional. Through my independent training business, I have met people from all over the world and all kinds of occupations. I’ve learned so much from my clients about their respective fields, and broadened my knowledge and understanding of different cultures, religions, political points of view, and so many other areas. Not to mention getting invited to some great parties and social events! I can’t think of any other career where I would be exposed to such a variety of people and ideas, and actually learn as much from my clients as they do from me.

Doug Murphy – Nationally recognized Personal Trainer based out of Washington DC (www.DougMurphy.com)


Training Certification Founder Gives His Opinion:

Kaiser – In the WHISTLEBLOWER REPORT, you explained why a trainer’s ultimate goal should not be to open a studio, I agree with you 100%. I often consult extremely successful fitness pros who aspire to open a full service health club or studio, and if they can put their egos aside, they more often than not see that they are already successful with no risk or liability. It was refreshing to see a similar message in someone else’s words. Independent trainers can make $100k a year in training easily, without the overhead and unnecessary risks involved in opening a studio or club; this is what AFI teaches and we practice what we preach. I’ve always been impressed with your dedication to adding another honest voice to the personal training industry, keep up the good fight!

Evan Chacker – Owner and founder of American Fitness Institute (www.aficertified.com) – One of the most widely recognized and rapidly growing Personal Training Certifications



Word From The Top Fitness Business Coach:

Kaiser, the information in your program is priceless. After reading through it I realized that if I had this information in my hands when I was training in a gym. I would have been out of there and creating my own business three years earlier.

I don’t know how anyone else feels about it, but in my opinion this should be required reading even BEFORE getting certified.

Dump the gym now!

Bedros Keuilian – World’s Top Fitness Business Coach



Independent Trainer Hits The Next Level:

I’ve been an independent trainer for seven years, but I was ready to hit the next level. Kaiser helped me do exactly that. First off he helped me create a high-end website. My market is the rich and elite, and Kaiser created a marketing strategy to help me target them. He showed me the right image to have, helped me focus my marketing, and told me where to find my ideal clients. With Kaiser’s coaching I’ve seen my Personal Training income double in a real short time, and I now have exactly the type of clients that I was looking for.

Gaby Boterashvili – Personal Trainer –


Experienced Trainers Know The Value:

sarahI feel Super-Trainer is one of the best resources for independent Fitness Professionals of all levels of experience! If you are a career-focused trainer wanting to learn more about growing your business, you won’t be disappointed with the information you find here! 




Sarah Rippel – Outside The Box Training





Find Out How We’ve Changed The Training Industry:

Super Trainer is one of those blogs you read for the first time and are instantly drawn towards. There is so much energy and a positive vibe you feel after reading the blog, you can’t wait for the next post. I stumbled across Kaiser’s website about a year ago, and for me-it’s been a must-read for every post since day 1. Every post really gets me motivated about being in the fitness industry and being an independent trainer. I find myself printing out most of the posts so I can constantly re-read for ideas and motivation. And the Whistleblower Report is absolutely priceless. I printed it out and have it in my Marketing binder, and I find myself re-reading the Whistleblower Report several times throughout the month. Read one of Kaiser’s posts, you will be instantly drawn to his intelligence, charisma, most importantly for me-the positive vibe and energy you’ll feel about being in the fitness industry.”



Learn How To Become An “Unstoppable Force”:

Like many fitness professionals, treating my business AS A BUSINESS didn’t come naturally to me. Kaiser’s Super-Trainer blog has been a HUGE help in keeping me at the top of my game when it comes to keeping the right state of mind for kicking ass in my training business. One of the great things about Kaiser’s blog is that not only does he touch on the marketing side of things, but how ALL elements of your fitness business integrate to become an unstoppable force. Thanks Kaiser!

Sean Flanagan
MMA Conditioning Coach
Personal Fitness Coach

If you’re looking to build a fitness business, this is your resource:

Hey Kaiser been reading your web blogs for a while now. I have just completed a bachelor of business. They teach you how to manage employees, contracts and marketing to some extent. What they don’t teach you the specific information I need to directly relate to what I’m trying to do. When I read your blog, I couldn’t believe you had answered my prayers! Thanks again!

In just one week after buying your manual, the results have been amazingI have 4 new clients and working on converting a lot more. I have just registered my business name – MONUMENTAL FITNESS and I’m working on finding a web designer to get me up and running under on the internet. Thanks mate.

Andy Estoe



Making A Real Impact On Trainers Everywhere:

As for Kaiser – his telling it right like it is what got me here. I think I somehow found a post by him. And it hit me right where it was hurting. So did the next one. And the one after that.

Yavor Marichkov



Changing More Lives:

Dang! Everything you’ve said about personal training is how I feel in my heart but have put aside because all the “experts” emphasize business, business, business as the focus. I almost feel moved to tears because that’s not what I want! I want to train people one on one and make a difference in their lives. Thanks for letting me know that it’s o.k. to want to train my clients myself, have only a handful of clients and keep it all simple, personal and small. I only need to train 4 – 6 people a day to make the kind of money I’d like to see from it and still be available to my kids (5). Things are really dead right now because of the holidays, but I have a renewed sense of enthusiasm after reading your posts. Thanks for the reassurance!

Stephanie Gibson

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