Starting A Personal Training Business

Anyone looking to start a personal training business needs to know these 10 keys in order to be more successful in their fitness career. Here they are:

1. Just get started. Most personal trainers take too long thinking about starting their personal training business instead of getting started. The most important thing to do is just to get experience and learn the ropes.

2. All you need is a certification. Even the top major personal training certifications, such as the ACE and the AFAA with a little bit of studying and in just one weekend. It doesn’t take four years of college education to become a personal trainer.

3. Become good at selling.

Face to face selling is the number one skill for any personal trainer to learn. In order to get good at selling, you have to remember that the relationship is first, maintaining a good relationship with any new prospect will turn them into a client very quickly.

4. Become a good marketer.

Marketing is getting your name out there and giving people a reason to contact you. Unless you’re a good marketer, you’ll have a very hard time getting personal training clients on your end, and independent personal training clients are the highest paying out there.

5. Don’t open a training studio.

Training studios are some of the worst ways personal trainers look to get training clients. All they do is give you tons of overhead. What you should do instead is find other places such as outdoors areas or places to rent in order to train your clients in the beginning.

6. Pay attention to your presentation.

Make sure that you look the part of a top notch personal trainer. This will make more and more people want to train with you and make selling and marketing training very easy for you.

7. Have a good website.

A website is very important for a personal trainer. It allows people to find you and give them the information that they need in order to make the decision to contact you.

8. Have an introductory package.

Personal training is an expensive service, so when you’re getting started, make sure that you have some sort of package that makes it easy for people to get accustomed to training with you.

9. Get some experience.

Getting experience is essential to becoming a good personal trainer and starting a personal training business. This can be done by working in a major health club for a short period of time or training a large number of your friends and family members until you get experience.

10. Personal training should be a fun job that you enjoy doing.

People want to have a fun personal trainer, so the key is to make sure you’re always having fun with your job.

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