Starting a Personal Trainer Business – Is This Option for You?

Are you considering starting a personal trainer business? If so, that is a great move for you! In this article, I will try to help you not only to become a good personal trainer but I’ll also show you the best ways to fast track your personal training career to success.

You may be thinking if the fitness industry is really for you. After all, there is no point in creating a business that is not going to be successful. Keep in mind that bad businesses own their owners and it is not the other way around. This means that you’ll be the slave of your clients, accountant, landlord and many other things will keep filling up that you won’t get ahead ever.

With this article, I’ll show you the best way to create an awesome career in personal training. This does not mean the gym job in which you want to escape from by going for vacation. Please don’t get me wrong as adventure and vacations are two big parts of my life. However, I don’t keep them separated with my everyday life. But that does not mean also that I am doing picnic every day. But the fact is that our business should always be there to provide service to people and ourselves and lifestyle.

So before starting a personal trainer business, you need to determine if it is really for you. But how will you know if it is really for you? Here are some questions that you need to ask yourself before starting a personal trainer business. You need to be truthful in answering all these questions to have a reliable answer to question as to whether or not starting a personal trainer business is really for you.


Are you the type who is passionate about your own exercise and workout?

Do you enjoy working with others?

Are you committed to your own fitness, health and success?

Do you think you have great personality such as caring, honest, positive outlook in life and high energy?

Do you want to know more about the human body and the science of exercise?

Has the process of exercising changed your life in a positive way?


In each of these questions, try to rate your answers from 1 to 10. Then you should total the scores up. An at least 50 score indicates that you should be immediately starting a personal trainer business. You need to jump right in. If your score got lower than that, then you may need to proceed in the process of starting a personal trainer business slowly. You may want to work part time at first. Don’t worry because there are many advice and tools that you can find online that will help you in starting a personal trainer business slowly. So, whether you are planning of starting a personal trainer business, already have a personal training business or working full time at gyms, you can surely find many resources online that will help you succeed in this venture. These resources will provide you with everything that you need to know when it comes to this kind of business venture.