Should you Sell Personal Training in Form of Package?

In the field of personal training, one of the biggest questions that your clients will ask you is if you will sell your personal training in the form of package. Selling personal training in form of packages is also a good way to generate income for you as a personal trainer. People are often looking for the most affordable choice that they can find on the market. They want to make sure that they are going to make a wise decision when they avail for the service that you are selling. That is why selling personal training in form of package is going to be really helpful.

There are reasons why personal trainers should be selling personal training in packages. Here are some of the essential reasons why.

Perceived increase value

If you will be selling personal training in package form, you will be able to add for the package without adding extra cost. This will make the package look more extensive and add more value than selling personal training in an individual session.

Charge more for each of the session

If a client is going to ask you how much you are charging for each session and you are going to say $50 per 30 minutes then it is possible that you will lose your prospective clients always. But if you can alternatively suggest, that you are having some packages that are available depending on what the customers need, then you will have better chances of getting new clients.

Have better retention rate

You should know the number of session in a pack that you should sell. This is one of the key and very effective ways for you to market the training that you are selling. People will also find this kind of packages very cost effective because they will be able to try different training in one package without paying a lot.


By selling the trainings that you have in package, you will surely attract more customers. Selling personal training in the form of package will make people think that they are going to benefit more because they are going to have more exercises than having them per session.


Selling personal training in package will also help you improve the cash flow of your business. People will see the service that you are offering as very affordable and by making the pricing structure in a monthly basis, you will surely have a lot of customers. It will also make you look more professional in the business that you are in. Because of that, the financial side of your business is going to be professional as well. This will make you stand out among your competitors. It will also give you a sound financial footing for you to deliver a world class kind of personal training for your clients. By selling personal training in package, you can be sure that you are going to have a good income and you will end up successful. You will also have a better cash flow in no time by selling your training in package.