Finding high-quality and affordable web services are a major barrier to the business of every trainer.You’re either stuck paying way too much, or getting terrible service and performance for what you pay. 


That’s why I’ve brought you a collection of web services that will blow you away. You now have the ability to execute any web project you can imagine quickly and affordably. You’ll never get excuses – just high-end results at ridiculously low prices.

Manually submitting ads to get training or bootcamp clients is annoying and time consuming.And, frankly, this is not something you as an owner of a fitness business should be doing yourself. You can now hire our assistants to do the job for you so you can do something more productive with your time. 


classified ad posting

Put an unlimited number of ads every day for only 50 cents per ad – just click the link below to get started.


If you have any questions or special instructions email

Installing and configuring a custom website is an easy job for an experienced professional.However, most people get taken to the cleaners with the charges for getting this work done. We’ll install your theme with a full set of custom configurations and widgets for a small one-time charge. 


Get your custom installation.

We’ll help you chose and install your WordPress theme – just click the link below.

If you have any questions or special instructions email

When you sell products (e-books, etc) or services (online training, membership site access) you need some way for people to pay you. Shopping carts handle this. 


Again, don’t be intimated by the technical details. Let us handle the shopping cart setup and maintenance.

Set-up your cart through

We’ll help you reserve your 1shoppingcart account and get started – just click the link below.

If you have any questions or special instructions email

Get any web work done quickly and easily.I have worked with many web guys until I managed to assemble a skilled team of programmers who will handle the job fast. Now you can have access to them and avoid altogether the initial headache of finding a dependable web pro through trial and error.