Personal Training – A Hot Career Choice

The industry of health and fitness is continuously booming. There are now many job opportunities that are related or associated with personal training and personal trainer careers. There are many people who know many things about fitness being involved in some sports activities. There are also many who are interested in weight training and in the other areas. Most of them think about becoming a personal trainer. This is true. However, to have real personal trainer careers, you need to have a professional certification and training which is recognized by national certification organizations nationwide. Though this will not ensure that you’re a highly qualified personal trainer but it is sure that with these certifications you shall not have problems when trying to find personal trainer careers opening.

Many certification organizations are providing trainers interested in personal trainer careers with the credentials necessary for them and that are recognized widely in the country. Though some of these certifications are more expensive than the others, that does not mean that they are always better. The key here is to get a certification from a widely recognized organization. That way, you will be able to perform the profession in any area. If you are interested in personal trainer careers, you need to know the several certification organizations that will give you the credentials that you need as a personal trainer. The top four certification organizations are as follows.


NCSA or National Strength Organization

This organization offers two credential types. These are the conditioning specialist and certified strength. These two credentials are highly recognized. The credentialing process is demanding and requires 4 years degree in college. The professional personal trainers that have any of these certifications can well write their ticket for their personal trainer careers. However, that is if they are skilled enough when it comes to personal training.

ACSM or American College of Sports Medicine

The ACSM has an impeccable reputation as far as the employers are concerned. Being the oldest certification organization, this is also one of the best today. This certification organization approaches fitness from a clinical perspective instead of a practical perspective. Not only will the earners of this certification are able to work in general personal trainer careers but they are also qualified in working in areas like those that are clinically related or cardio rehab.

NASM or National Academy of Sports Medicine

It is becoming the leader in certification organizations for fitness. Their certification tracks mostly don’t require that you have a college degree. Some of their certifications could be completed in the internet to provide more convenience for the distance learners.


ACE or American Council on Exercise

This certification organization is another well respected one. There are many aspiring trainers interested in the personal trainer careers choose this organization because this is easier to complete.


If you are interested in the personal trainer careers, you need to know that it is never too late for you to start. The personal trainer careers are open for any age group.