Personal Trainers – Tips in Increasing Rapport with Clients

For personal trainers, there could be times when you can’t seem to figure out your client’s motivation. This is just natural. Sometimes you may find clients who are paying for your services but fail to take even the most basic instructions. When this happens to you, then here are tips for personal trainersto increase rapport with their clients so that you will be able to reduce having such a client in your hands.

The first thing that you need to do is to ask them some rather deep questions in your screening process. You can ask them questions that will elicit response and then you can determine their answer’s themes. In any business offering hands-on services, there are many clients annoying clients that have counterproductive motivations. These may include the following.

The “Away From” Motivation

This is a motivation in which the client is speaking in terms of what he doesn’t want or that which he wants to avoid or hates doing.

The “Judgment” Motivation

This is when the client is speaking in terms of how he is going to be perceived by other people or how certain people are thinking of them.

The “Revenge” Motivation

This is when the client is speaking in terms of how is trying to make up for the lost time or on how he wanted to prove that other people are wrong.

Although these motivations may also be useful in short term, rarely do they sustain personal training clients in long term. Here are great tips for personal trainers who have such a client: You have to work on changing your client’s mindset. That way, you will be able to keep your client in long term as your customer. The best part of these tips for personal trainers is that changing your client’s mindset will benefit both of you. If you will be able to help him in his transition, he will be more than glad to refer you to other clients or provide powerful testimonials regarding your services.

The first tip on these tips for personal trainers to increase rapport with their client is to ask yourself how you will be able to help your clients to adopt mindset that is more powerful. This shall help you come up with answers that are specific to each of your clients. You could perhaps introduce your clients to others who have gone through the same transition. You could also offer them “tough love” and then challenge him every time that he wants to refuse your instructions. You can then stop him and force him to tell you what he really wants specifically. By doing this, you can be sure that you are on the right track of benefitting with your client.

Second of these tips for personal trainers to increase rapport with their clients is to increase your expectations, as a personal trainer, to your clients. When they come to you out of shape, depressed or beaten down, then don’t expect the mentality of a champion from him overnight. However, there are personal trainers who never raised their client expectations after training together in the first few weeks. Instead, you can tell them that overtime, you will have to expect more performance from him. This second tips on these tips for personal trainers will help your client understand that you want to help him genuinely and to transform his mind and body.

These are some of the useful tips for personal trainers that will help you greatly in your business. These tips for personal trainers shall help you yield fruitful results when it comes to retaining or getting long term customers or clients for your business.