Private Personal Training Gyms

What do you think is the fastest path towards getting more private personal training clients? Do you ever have any idea on how much can one personal trainer really make? Do you know how long does it takes for a personal trainer to build up his client base? Have you ever wondered how will you be able to find clients who are the best fit for you? Do you know of the best way that you can do to become success in this private personal training business the fastest way possible? Do you think building private personal training gyms is a must to be able to get more clients and more sales in this business? And finally, do you have any idea on how you will become one of the best when it comes to private personal training?

The last question is the most favorite of most of us. I was recently asked many questions by one beginner private personal trainer. He’s nice and I really think that he has the potential to succeed in this business. So, I started thinking about how I will be able to help this person and myself at the same time. I prefer the “both” term rather than the “either/or”. So, because I wanted to help him and myself as well, I asked this person to write down all the biggest questions he has regarding growing a private personal training business.

So his first question was, would it be possible for someone new in the business of private personal training to develop good practice in private personal training or is it important to first start private personal training gyms?

This is a great question, indeed. As with the experience of most of my successful friends in this industry, it mostly took them few years, like 5 years to become comfortable to take the clients private. Personally, it took me 3 years to think about it and I decided to get more experience before I actually pull the trigger. As a result, I may say that I am glad that I waited.

But this does not mean that you need to wait for 5 years before you can decide to go private or to start building private personal training gyms. It was just that I am shy during that time to work as a trainer.

His next question is, how would you know when you’re ready? You will know the answer to this if you have already achieved your goals before trying to venture out on your own. First, you should have at least one to two years of experience working in private personal training gyms. Second, you need to have at least two to three combinations of degrees or certification. Third, if you already have contacts or client base. Fourth is if you already have confidence in your ability to achieve good results. Finally, if you have the confidence in what you are able to do to market and promote yourself.

These are just general guidelines, though if you want to become a personal trainer. Because if you have rapport with the many people in your area who are your prospects of servicing, if you are confident about using the resources you have to generate business and if you have developed the skills that you need to have more exposure, then you are more likely to become successful in going private.