Personal Trainer Income

Personal trainer income is one of the reasons why many trainers get started in the field of fitness. The income for personal trainers can range anywhere from $60 to $200 per hour. This makes it highly appealing for anyone who’s already a fitness enthusiast. All it takes is 10 to 15 high paying clients in order to earn $100,000 per year.

The only problem with earning a high income as a personal trainer is finding high quality clients to train. For many trainers that get started in personal training, they first get their first personal trainer job in a gym. Gyms do not pay personal trainers a high income. The average salary for a health club trainer is $30,000 per year. What that means is that a personal trainer needs to have their own training business in order to make a high income. This doesn’t mean you need a personal training studio or a gym. All you need is the skills to get 10 to 15 high paying clients.

In order to find these clients, you must master the skills of sales and marketing. If you can sell and market your personal training services, then you can start to get the income that you want from the field. In personal training sales, the most important thing to remember is relationship selling.

In personal training, the relationship is everything. Most trainers meet their clients three times per week for years at a time. The bonds between the trainer and client will soon become one of the biggest relationships in that client’s life. Because of the importance of relationships, keeping the relationship building in mind in the selling process is very important.

Personal training marketing is a more complex subject. These days, the focal part of any marketing campaign for a personal trainer is his or her website. Your website should have all the information someone neccesary in order for someone to decide whether or not they want to train with you.

Next, you have to have an offer. This is the reason why someone needs to take action right now and contact you. Whenever you do any advertising or anything to promote your training services, you must direct traffic back to your website, so people can get information of value, and then have the offer that will make them want to contact you right away. Keeping these things in mind, and getting better at them will allow any personal trainer to raise their income to the top of the training industry.

The top income for personal trainers is over $100,000 a year. The reason many trainers don’t get to that level is because they don’t have the knowledge to do it. But any personal trainer that makes sales and marketing his most important subject can get to the highest level of personal trainer income.

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