Personal Training Degree

Personal trainer degrees are now offered by more and more colleges and private schools in America and throughout the world. This is probably because of the great demand for personal trainers and the high income they make, but getting a personal trainer degree is one of the worst moves a fitness enthusiast can make. These are the reasons:

Personal trainers don’t need a degree in order to get started in the fitness field. What they really need is certification. That’s the only legal requirement needed these days. Once a trainer has a personal trainer certification, they have all the credentials they need to get started in the fitness business. The main job and task of any personal trainer isn’t his knowledge; it’s his sales skills and marketing skills.

Knowing how to sell and market your personal training services is essential, because any job you get as a personal trainer will require you to sell your services. For that reason, a degree isn’t the most important thing. Selling is. The best course of action for any personal trainer to take is to first get certified. Certification only requires a weekend course, even if you’re going for the best certification out there. You will need to do some studying, and it helps to be a fitness enthusiast yourself. If you are, the course and the exam will be much, much easier for you.

Once you have the course, the next important thing is to get lots of experience. This can happen through a personal training job and also through training friends and family members for free. Now that you have this experience, you will be comfortable in giving training sessions to your clients. Now you have to learn sales and marketing. There are many books out there on sales, and every personal trainer is encouraged to learn from them.

Marketing is a harder subject. This involves getting your name and message in front of a lot of people out there. The simplest advice I could give to anyone in marketing their services is creating an effective personal training Web site. This will help you reach more people and communicate with them and let them know about your training services.

Even though personal training degrees have become very popular these days, and they do have their purpose, they’re not the most needed thing for any personal trainer. They’re something that a personal trainer can think about once they have already gotten experience and plotted their career course. That’s really the best time to get a personal training degree.

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