This is your licensing program customization form. There is a little bit of work to do here and a few things to assemble, but if you take it in sequence the process should only take a few days and proceed rapidly.

All you have to do is provide some of the information below and assemble some photos. You will also need to customize some of the copy on your site once it is up, but you will be getting detailed instructions on how to do that in the members area.

To submit your answers, highlight all of the questions below, right click over them and hit COPY. Then either paste them into an email or a word doc, and email it to the following address:

Watch the video below for some more clarification on filling out this form:


1. What is the name you want to chose for your personal training business? If you need help with this step refer to the video on NAMING YOUR BUSINESS, watch this video:

Step 2 + 3. Reserve your domain (about $8 per year) and hosting (about $10 per month). If you have trouble with this stage, refer to the RESERVING YOUR DOMAIN AND HOSTING PLAN video here:

2. Reserve your website domain at (recommended).

3. Immediately afterward, reserve a basic hosting plan. Once your site and hosting are reserved, forward us your control panel access information (with the password you chose during sign-up). You will be able to change your password after we install your site.

If you have an existing domain you want to use, please forward us your control panel access information.

4. Tell us the exact business name you would like used in your logo. The words PERSONAL TRAINING will be put under your logo (recommended). If for whatever reason you need a different name other than PERSONAL TRAINING let us know.

For more info on naming your business, watch this video:

It is highly recommended you use the log template that comes with the LICENSING program for your logo.  This template has been chosen because it will create immediate trust and recognition in the minds of your first time visitors.

If you would like us to use a different logo, there will be a small $25 charge to convert your logo into a high resolution logo that will look good for your website and marketing materials.

Also let us know which of the three color schemes you would like to use. YourPallette3

5. Slogan – Let us know if you want a slogan to appear under your business name. This slogan should state the benefits or strongest points of your program, and at the very best, make an offer.

For more info on this, watch this video:

6. Business card -Here is the information we need for your business card:

Your location (city, state).

Phone number.

Email address you will be using ( recommended).

If you would like your address to appear on the card, include this as well.

7. Pictures:

Getting your pictures ready is by far the biggest sticking point with getting your license together.  While some people get “mind-lock” from trying to think of a good business name or slogan, nothing compares to the trouble people have with getting their pictures done.

First off, I’m going to tell you this is a lot of hesitation over nothing.  Just getting good lighting, a high-resolution digital camera, and snapping away for an hour or two is all it takes.  That being said, I remember when I was in the same shoes as a start-up entrepreneur, and things like pictures did take me a while, so I totally understand where you’re at.

Here are the instructions for your pictures.  There are also some instructions in the next step for pictures for your testimonials (which will also be used for your Craigslist ads).  These instructions have been made as detailed as possible.  Just follow them and you’ll be sure to get the best look for your license.


We will need two pictures of you – one for your website header and business card, and one for your main offer:



The picture for your header (which is the same one for your business card) should be a head and shoulder shot.

The picture for your offer should be a more complete 3/4 body shot. 

If you are uncomfortable being photographed, there are a few options for you:

You can alternately use stock (paid for) photographs for your website header.  You can pick these out at  Simple search istockphoto using fitness and exercise as your keywords and you should find some good options.

(The photos at cost roughly $1.50 each.  Be sure to purchase the smallest size of each photo, and only a limited license so you can get the cheapest price.  They have an huge collection and some unbelievable photos so be sure to use different keyword combinations if you can’t find what you like at first.)

We will still need a picture of you for your business card and offer box, but this can be a smaller, head and shoulder shot, instead of the large 3/4 body shot.

For more info on taking high quality pictures, watch this:

If you prefer to use stock photos instead of your own personal photo in the top left corner of your website header, let us know.  It is recommended that you use some sort of photo here because human photos draw people in to the body of your site.

8. Testimonials: Try to assemble at least five testimonials for the right column of your website.

The pictures of these testimonials need only to be head shots.  These head shots should represent people that fit into your target market, so that when your target customer visits the site, they feel like your training program is built for them.

(You will be able to put much larger and more detailed before and after pictures on your SUCCESS STORIES page.)

For more info on testimonials, watch this video:

For your testimonials, please give them to us in the following format:

TESTIMONIAL TITLE (pull out the best part of the testimonial into a sound bit of just a few words)
TESTIMONIAL TEXT (keep this between 70-100 words)



Here is an example:

“I Recommend GoHard! To Everyone!”

Training with GoHard! is one of the best things you can do for yourself. They always make me feel like I’m the number one client by spending a lot of time on me and my results. I had no idea I would look so much better so quickly, and I owe it all to them. –Renata Dias, Queens New York

We can also accommodate video testimonials into the right column of your site.  Simply upload your video testimonial to youtube and give us access to your youtube account.  Clearly indicate which video you would like us to access, and the NAME and LOCATION, and any other text you want to go along with the video.

You will also need to begin preparing more testimonials (both written and video) for your testimonials page. You will be able to create this page very easily on your own, and more info on ADDING CONTENT TO YOUR WEBSITE PAGES is in the member’s area.

9. Craigslist Ad – Give us two especially good testimonials for use on your Craigslist Ad.  Head shots are good, but if you have a good before and after picture that can also work.  Just give us the testimonials in the format above.

10. Price – For the offer on your website and ads, think of a price you would like for your THREE SESSION INTRODUCTORY PACKAGE.  This will be based on the average rates in your area as well as the type of traffic that will make up the majority of your visitors (Craigslist, Mailings, Web Traffic, etc.).  See THE SIX-FIGURE TRAINER MANUAL for more info on how to sell with the THREE SESSION INTRO PACK.


That’s all the information we’ll need for the first part of your license. You will be able to insert all other pictures, videos, and information according to your own specifications and at your own convenience whenever you want once your site is live.

Again, please highlight all of the information above with your mouse, right click and copy it, and past it into your email or into a word doc.  Then provide the information need either through text or as attachments and email the information to

If you are having trouble, simply refer to the instructions and videos above and give it your best shot.  The process will be fun and easy, and just giving it a good shot will be more than enough!