Whatsup gang –

I’ve got something really, really big to tell you about.

that’s coming in the new year, and how you can start to benefit from
it right now.

For a long while, my training business, GOHARD FITNESS dominated my
area of Queens New York.  We had so many clients, did so much
advertising, and just plain pissed off so many competitors it was
impossible for you not have heard of us in my hayday.

Since then I’ve partnered with my good friend Cynthia Conde to bring
to serve my leads and clients from Queens with her business, and you
could say I’m temporarily out of the game.

So now it’s time to share my secrets.  I obviously do that through
my programs as you well know, but now I’m going a step further.

I’m actually going to give you the license to run my GOHARD PROGRAM.
That’s what the new SUPER-TRAINER LICENSING PROGRAM will be about.

Not only will it be a complete online, offline, and operations
system for you to build and run your business …

But if you so chose, you can call your business GOHARD FITNESS as

Here’s why you may want to run the GOHARD program rather than think
of your own: plain and simple, this program is built to get clients.

– The core focus of the program is INTENSITY, which is what the
overwhelming majority of the general population is looking for out
of training services.

– The program is RESULTS ORIENTED, which again, because of the
public’s wants, gives you a great marketing and retention edge.

– The program is built to allow you to run group sessions, as well
as easily delegate private sessions to your employees (never run
a private session yourself again).

– You will have the ability to operate a bootcamp as an added
service to your training business.

– You get tons of proven marketing materials and sales pieces.

– This program works even if you don’t have a training studio.  And
if you want one, this will be the fastest way to get you there and
run it once you’re open.

– You will have licensed use of my testimonials and even video
testimonials, customized to your business – that’s the advantage of
having a license.

But even if you don’t want to run the GOHARD program, we can adapt
your license to whatever suits you.  We can custom design a logo,
colors, and graphics based on your concept.

To make a long story short, I’m basically handing you over my
business.  Plus, I’m assembling a brand new owners manual that is
more advanced than anything currently in print in this industry.

This LICENSING PROGRAM will be coming in early 2011, with a starter
price of 2,000.  From there, the price will gradually increase as
the word gets out and the number of success stories from it grow.

But right now, I’m going to let a few trainers join me in the
development of the new program, as well as give me feedback to
help them make it a fool-proof, all-in-one package that brings them
immediate results and unlimited growth.

To be part of this beta group, you only need to pay the original
price of the LICENSING PROGRAM, which was $757 (payable in two

That price was for an already stacked program.  Considering the
new program, it’s an absolute steal.

There is no faster way for you to be “gainfully” self employed
in this business, and then go from that level to a true business
owner.  Just think of how many YEARS this can shave off of the
development of your business, and the value will be obvious.

Now a few restrictions:

1.  I’m only accepting 15 trainers into the program, and have
already sent a few emails privately to recent high value customers,
who are in the process of getting back to me.

2.  Regardless of whether I fill all 15 spots in the beta group, I’m
closing this offer down on Friday, December 17.  At that point, I’m
going to get to work with the beta group to have their businesses
up and running by the new year.

I’ll be here to help you get started at a level that I’ll never
help anyone with again.  I want to make sure that your project
shines, simply because if you get amazing results, it makes me and
the program look great as well.

(Don’t worry – I do it because I care about you too!)

If this sounds right for you, this is going to be a tremendous

Right now, there isn’t a site up for this program yet.  But I have
put up a modified form of the old LICENSING PROGRAM for you to
check out, just to give you a rough idea of what used to be in it.
Believe me when I tell you that this new version of the program will
be much, much more advanced.

You can check out that site right here:

Again, keep in mind that your program will have many more features
that have replaced what is on that site.  I just wanted to give you
a taste of the power this program will have for you.

Here’s the site to check it out again:

To jump on board, just click the link on that page to submit your
deposit, and I’ll contact you personally to proceed from there.

If you’re planning to get on board, thanks for being a part of this
and I’m really looking forward to playing a role in your success.

And I appreciate your help in developing this program that will
allow hundreds of trainers in the future to establish tremendous
fitness careers.

(Just that anyone that joins in the future won’t get a price like
this, so if you want in, don’t wait!)

Okay – the link is above.  If you have any specific questions
about the program, you can shoot an email out to me personally
at  I’ll be on email often this week to
make sure no one misses a spot.

Have a great holidays and I’ll be in touch.

– Kaiser

P.S.  The temporary does not tell the full story, so if you have
any specific questions don’t hesitate to email me – you can reach
me here: