Fitness Training Tips – How to Have the Perfect Workout Week Plan

A lot of institutes are offering fitness training tips that will promise to help you lose your weight from specific part of the body. Though exercises and weight training plans can help you tone areas, there is no magic exercise that will help you lose your belly fat or those on your hips. To lose weight, you have to get going with cardio exercises and burn fat throughout.

One of the best fitness training tips that you always have to remember is to know the real results that particular workout equipment can do. A lot of people have the wrong notions like treadmill is a leg workout, rowing for hands/back and recumbent bikes are for the thighs. Yes, these machines really make people move those areas on your body but these also help you lose your weight all over. If you do want to make an specific area of your body stronger or build muscles in a particular area, these machines are not going to help you. The right fitness training tips should also include toning exercises and weight training exercises for those specific zones. Here is how good workout should be like. Three days of having intense cardio together with light toning is going to be a good workout for you.

One of the best fitness training tips that you can have is to have a weekly training schedule. Here is an example of weekly fitness training schedule;

Three days of doing light cardio with weight training for your different zones. For example, if you do weight training on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, you can work on your arms and chest on Monday. You can work on your abs on Wednesday and your Legs on Friday. During Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, you can do intense, aerobics, cycling, cardio running and anything that can make you intensely sweat. After doing these, you will then be able to play around with the use of light weights or with the use of resistance tubes for stretching. On Sundays, you can go on steam bath or sauna baths.

Here are other important fitness training tips that you need to remember: It is going to be useless to have weight training every day. It will not help your muscles because they will always need a day of rest. This is very much needed to recover from the muscle’s wear and tear so they can grow and develop.

Having an intense cardio exercise will not mean that you will feel your heart jumping. Even if you do an intense cardio workout, you still have to make sure that you can still speak one entire sentence within one breath while you are flushing and sweating. This is one of the best fitness training tips that will ensure that you still have a healthy exercise.

If you do not like cycling or running, you can spice up your workout by dancing, swimming and maybe doing martial arts for some certain days of the week. You will basically need a cardio to help you strengthen your pulse and stamina.

One good fitness training tips that you should also do is to always eat even a small meal at least two hours before you do your workout.  You should also keep sipping water while working out. It is also important that you have high protein bite every half hour of your workout. You have to do this especially on your weight training days. The most important fitness training tips is to understand the system of your body and its limitations. You have to do this even before you push too hard on your fitness routines.