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On Wednesday, 10/14/2009 at 8 AM Pacific Standard Time, the powerful FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP relaunches.  This is the program that brings the marketing, business building, and community support that previous bootcamp models have sorely been missing.

And to guarantee your chances of success even further, SUPER-TRAINER is bringing you an incredible BONUS package that will give you the strong footing to make fitness the strong, fun, easy, high-earning, and stress free career it should be.  Here’s what you’ll get:

The Top-Level Trainer Program

The legendary and PERMANENTLY off the market success program for Personal Trainers will be yours.  This is the most complete program on taking you from zero to 100K in the shortest time humanly possible.  Every form of training and possible scenario is covered, fully explored, and made simple for trainers of any experience level.


Value: $457

You’ll also get:

SUPER-TRAINER ARCHIVES are a series of interviews with some of top people in the fitness business. Some of these people have NEVER provided an interview before, but in this series they’ve to shared their most closely guarded secrets. Among them are rapper 50 Cent’s Personal Trainer, Jennifer Lopez’s trainer, and the world’s top fitness marketer who recently made $250,000 in one hour!

All Twelve Audio Interviews:

Value: Over $300

Every month in the SECRET SOCIETY you’ll get an inside glimpse into the inner workings of the upper echelon of the fitness industry. What happens behind the closed door meetings, back stage at the conferences, or after hours over drinks between millionaire fat cats?  Here, you’ll get exclusive details on hidden income opportunities in fitness, cutting edge marketing tactics that you won’t find anywhere else, and underground information that can save you or make you thousands.  You’ll get it all, but there’s only one catch – you can’t tell a soul!

2 Months Of The Super-Trainer Secret Society Newsletter – Value $197

Value: $197

Your final bonus is a Strategy Session with  Kaiser and one of the creators of the program, STEVE HOCHMAN.  There will be no private coaching as part of the FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP program, but with this exclusive bonus you’ll get one full hour live private meeting with Kaiser and Steve.

Strategy session with Kaiser and FIT-BODY BOOTCAMP creator Steve Hochman:

Value: Over $250

You get all of this, over $1300 in valuable bonuses ON TOP of the most sure-fire business system out in the fitness industry right now (to claim your $1300 in bonuses, simply forward your confirmation after joining FIT-BODY to:

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