Create Your First Profitable Blog



Building your own profitable blog isn’t rocket science.

If you want to start making money online, you’ll need three things: A Domain, Hosting, and a Design. It really isn’t that expensive, and the return can be very rewarding. The important thing is that you simply take action as soon as possible.

If you’re ready to take action, we’ve got the hookups with the best places to get these three things (for a great price thanks to some coupons), and once you’ve got these things we’ve prepared a Free Course that explains how you can start generating profit with a blog of your own.

If you’re not taking action, you’re wasting your time. Start by getting these three things:


The first thing you’ll need is a domain name. A Domain is the web address where people can reach you online. Domains are relatively cheap, usually costing les than $10. We suggest buying domains through

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Next you’ll need hosting. Many hosts try to trick new customers into buying expensive packages, when it really doesn’t need to be pricey at all. We recommend using HostGator, where you can buy a full years worth of hosting for under $100. It’s hard to beat a price like that.

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The final thing you need is a site design. You can generally approach this step in three ways:

* Get a Free Design that won’t attract any viewers. Period.
* Hire a Professional Designer for Thousands of Dollars.
* Get a High Quality Design from an online marketplace for a low price.

We recommend the third way of course. If your site starts generating thousands of dollars it may be worth a larger investment, but starting with a well priced theme works great in most cases.