I Want To Hear Your Thoughts.

Hey, what’s up. I just wanted to remind you know that the comments section is here for you to express your thoughts. From the very beginning, Super-Trainer was created to help you get more successful. I wanted to share my experience with you. So don’t hesitate to post your questions and comments.

A couple of things before that:

  1. Stay focused on the topic. Occasional chit-chat is OK, but we are here to push each other for success. Don’t forget that. This isn’t just a place to hang out and waste your time. Super-Trainer is your place to get inspired, learn and then kill it by taking action!
  2. No haters please. Insults, disrespect, ‘flaming,’ etc. will not be tolerated. We are intense here, but above all this is a friendly community.
  3. To get notified of follow-up comments in your email, check the box below the submit button. This way you will know if someone replies to your comment.

That’s it from me. Have fun and don’t forget why you are here – to succeed.