Business Cards on Edge for Personal Trainers

In the onset of social media networking and the World Wide Web the business card still is a vital part of any business or of any person for that matter. The business card is vital especially if you are a personal trainer because this is a powerful marketing tool. Marketing campaigns such as paper ads or billboards are costly and would require a lot of tedious preparations.

The business card on the other hand is small, handy and will not cost much. They are tiny investments and you can easily scatter them everywhere – literally! You can leave them in health spas, hotels, the bus, bars, restaurants, parties of friends, even the library (inside the pages of books is a good location). Leaving them in these nooks and places will not cost you additional ‘cent’ and one or two or these scattered cards will be surely be noticed. But be sure not to leave a stack full as normally people stay away from bulky personal training business cards but they will take a peek at single business card seemingly because someone must have dropped them.

The design of your personal training business card should also matter. It should give the idea of what you, the person written in it, is capable of doing and the service you can offer. Common information should include complete name, position or service offered, work phone number, home phone number, mobile phone number and email address; just make sure that the contact information are correct. Marketing experts also highly suggest that you include a picture in your personal training business card; it may be your own photo, or a logo of your company or business or a representation of the service you offer. If you have a website then you can use the same logo you have there in your personal training business card. The whole design should also be indicative of your business and the kind of business person you are- it should look professional. You can also include a tag line in your personal training business card as this will be remembered most after the initial meeting with prospective clients.

A personal trainer would also need to include the associations he is affiliated with to show prospective clients that he or she is indeed certified to be in this business.

Material of the personal training business card should be sturdy enough for handling and must stand a certain amount of moisture so that you can leave it and conspicuous places. I have a friend who invested on an ATM type personal training business card and it worked quite well. It is higher than the usual material but is very sturdy and will withstand even being dipped in champagne glass or cocktail drink.

And whenever a contact number on the personal training business card is changed, make sure you update your business cards immediately as you do not know when you will be called by a prospective client. There’s nothing like an opportunity wasted because of a changed mobile or home phone number that has not been updated in the business card.