Boot Camp – A Disciplinary Fitness Training

Why is a boot camp?  More importantly, what is a boot camp in the fitness world? Obviously, from the word boot camp itself, it means the hard and tough boots used in the military training. And once you are in the military training, you gain discipline and body fitness.  Boot camp is somewhat relevant to this. Actually, a boot camp refers to an outdoor activity where the participants enjoy the nature while getting fit. It is normally held in the parks or places with natural views and fresh air. This kind of training needs more cooperation with the participants.  It isn’t just fitness training but a disciplinary training as well. Back then, a boot camp is only meant for problem kids. But because of the increasing popularity of this king of training, participants from different level and generations are signing up to help themselves get the appropriate training they need, gain more preparation for disciplinary actions and personality and physical development.  More and more people who are doing fitness training in the gyms are converting their interest into boot camps.  This is especially preferred by those people who have physical and emotional problems.

As we all know, juvenile boot camp is a place where the problem kids were placed to get the best disciplinary actions and serve the punishment for whatever sins they have committed.  Parents with an uncontrollable child at the end of their rope found the best solution to their problems. Parents send their problem child to a boot camp knowing that their kid will be transformed while getting fit. Boot camp is a combination of physical training and disciplinary action that a participant will enjoy while enduring the hardship of training. It also develops self confidence among the members. Parents should feel their children’s interest in taking part of the training to ensure the success of the result.  However, still the task of the parent to ask professional help is to know if the child needs to join the training. Child must be prepared to undergo training from boot camp.

Women usually go for fitness in the gym to get fit. But ever since this boot camp started and increase in popularity, more and more women joined the program. Women are getting more benefits in this kind of training. Boot camp was designed to help people have a rapid lose in weight.  It helps the participant to burn calories and lose 8 to 12 pounds in a week, which make it a lot different from the standard work out. It also provides cardio vascular exercises to prevent the participants from suffering heart attack or stroke and high blood pressure. Another benefit is the decrease in the risk of having osteoporosis.  As we all know, osteoporosis became the main problem of women from the age of 40 and above. A boot camp training provides the proper weights work out that develops the strong bone density. In the process, woman can also join the training but exercises are definitely different from those for men.

Militaries also join this kind of training.  Thou they already had enough exercises done in the camp, trainers use pseudo-militaristic methods to ensure they are getting their client’s interest.  Definitely, boot camp training is not just simply exercise and disciplinary actions that made the militaries to join.  It also helps them feel peaceful in the peaceful ambiance while training. Mixing along with other participants develop their self confident and personality as well.