Best Certifications for Personal Trainers

It is not that easy to tell with certainty which is the best personal course for fitness and even the best certification programs. The reason to this is because there is hardly anybody who goes through all of these personal coursed for fitness training or personal trainer certification programs. Those who got their certification from the ACSM, for instance, will most likely don’t have a firsthand knowledge about the other organizations for certification. So, any comparison will not be complete. Also, different people may have different opinion to one specific personal course for fitness training or certifications that is based on their different goals and experiences. With that being said, it would be useful if you will look at the recommendations of the people you know. You can also get information online where you can easily have an access to the opinions of people who have already tried the different personal courses for fitness training and certifications organizations.


Keep in mind always that certification programs are changing. Because of that, what might be the best today may not be the best in the future. Because of this, it is good to always confirm everything stated below. If you will look at the many forums and answer websites online, you will find that most of the general thoughts you’ll find there are parallel to what will be discussed in this article.


The American Council on Exercise is a good choice for those looking for certification as it will provide the traditional but necessary knowledge. There are many people who are able to pass their exams.


The certifications from National Strength and Conditioning Association as well as the American College of Sports Medicine are also well respected when it comes to providing certifications. The first is offering CPT and CSCS. CPT stands for Certified Personal Trainer and CSCS stands for Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist. As compared to CPT, the CSCS is a bit more difficult to obtain. This is very helpful for those who are interested in training advanced athletes.


The International Sports Sciences Association also provides certifications that are widely accepted. They are frequently mentioned. However, they are not accredited by NCAA. But still, they can be a viable option for certification.


The certifications from National Academy of Sports Medicine are also widely accepted.


There are still many other bodies for certifications that will help personal trainers to land a job in the personal training business. Personal trainers need to also understand the importance of personal course for fitness to become a trusted personal trainer in the field. Having undergone a personal course for fitness will assure their prospective clients that they are reliable enough in giving training and instructions. After all, people are paying for their health and fitness so they will not entrust these to someone who is not qualified. So, it is important that when getting a personal course, choose the one that can offer the maximum benefits. Only when you choose the best provider of personal course will you be able to become successful in becoming a personal trainer.