Become A Personal Fitness Trainer

To become a personal fitness trainer is not as hard as many people think. They think you have to go through a long certification school, or some people even think you have to get a degree in personal training. This is not true. All you have to do is get a very simple personal training certificate. That certificate usually only takes one weekend of classroom education to learn.

You do have to pass a long certification test at the end of that weekend. Passing the test is sometimes difficult for many trainers. What I suggest is studying beforehand, so that you have a easier time passing the test. Once you have your certificate, you are legally able to start training clients. What you can do at that point is train friends and relatives for personal training experience.

Once you have experience, you can then start your own website in personal training, and then start to look for paid clients on your own. Paying clients usually make their decision based on the experience of the trainer, but also on the personality and professionalism. If you do not have experience, but do have personality and professionalism, you can command high rates as a personal trainer.

You do have to understand a little bit of fitness marketing, and how to get personal training clients, in order to make your personal training business a thriving one, but all it takes is 10 to 15 clients in order to make over $100,000 as a personal trainer. That’s why it is not too hard to become a personal fitness trainer.

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