Alivia Terrell and Body Building in Women

Though we are living in a proactive world, there are still many people are thinking that bodybuilding is not really meant for women. But for Alivia terrell, this is a big lie. This is because women are also interested in having a strong, sexy and attractive body. However, it is a fact that women find it more challenging to build big muscles as compared to men. The reason to this is because the major hormones that are present in men which help them boost their muscles is not present in women. Because of that, women need to work harder if they want to achieve the same results they want. Because what most women wants to have is a curvy, sexy and strong body shape with only little muscles, it is easier for them if they will follow tips. Most women don’t really require building large muscles unless of course for those who are interested in participating in contests for body building like Alivia terrell.

Alivia terrell was born in Lakeland, Florida. She is currently residing at Wauchula, Florida. She is a divorced health enthusiast with no children. At the age of 30 plus, she had successfully maintained a weight of 130-145/160.

According to Alivia terrell, her back is her best physical attribute. Her family had supported her all the way from childhood until today. They respected her choices as an athlete. They haven’t missed any of her shoes. According to Alivia terrell, since young, she was taught to do her best so she is trying to give more than a hundred and ten percent every time. That is what made her what she is today. The support he got from her family is what teaches her to see everything with her eyes on the prize.

Alivia terrell started competing since 2004. Her competitive records include being 2009 NPC Southeastern USA Overall Winner, 2009 NPC Central Florida District Bodybuilding and Figure Champinonship, 2005 NPC LakeLand Classic Bodybuilding and Figure Championship, Open Women Bodybuilding Heavyweight First Place and Overall Champion, 2006 NPC Southern States Bodybuilding Championship, Open Women Bodybuilding Lightweight First Place and Overall Champion, 05-2009, Open Women Bodybuilding Middleweight Second Place and 06-2009.

Alivia terrell ‘s most memorable experience in sports is when she won the national rank at Southeastern USA in October 2009. This is after she came back from her 4 years off.

For those who just want to build sexy, strong and curvy physique and not interested in competing for fitness like Alivia terrell, what they only need to do is to eat the right foods for them and search for the good routine for workout and follow it. The main secret of having good results with few efforts when doing workouts is in eating the right foods. Doing your routines daily is not enough without eating the right foods and the right proportion. Without these, you will not be able to achieve your desired fitness results. Finding the right routine for you to follow is also important. If you think that your current routine is not giving you your desired result, then it is the right time to change it.