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Understanding The Difference Between Activity and Achievement

Understanding The Difference Between Activity and Achievement

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If you’re like most trainers or coaches – between training clients and managing your business you are likely working 50, 60 maybe even 70 hours a week or more. The problem with most fitness professionals is not a lack of willingness to put in long hours and work hard. It’s the way they are spending their time. Most fitness pros are training clients for the bulk of their work day – which is totally fine. But they are also the bookkeeper, janitor (if they own a facility), marketer and veritable jack-of-all-trades when it comes to running their business. So let’s put some math to the way most trainers spend their time. If I ask most trainers or coaches what they earn per hour the typical answer is $50-75 per hour. Unfortunately, this is usually not the case. Where as these trainers may charge $75 per hour for their training sessions, their work day looks more like this: Training Sessions – 4 hours per day. Busy work / ‘Putting out fires’ – 3 hours per day. Wasted time surfing the ‘net or doing other low return activities – 2 hours per day. Sales / marketing related activities, designing programs or doing […]

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