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Fitness Marketing – Conversation With Top Personal Trainer Dave Parise – Part 2

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[spoiler] Dave Parise: … picture how all the elements fit together, the preview of coming attractions, how one influences the other and the more you work on it, the larger that mental model becomes and the better the return on investment. So it’s all a positive attitude and it’s always giving them more than they ever expected to get. As an example, when our clients sweat, it’s not that we pamper them like [0:00:24] [Indiscernible] but we have the peppermint towels, cold peppermint towels when they’re sweating. When they leave, they get fresh fruit, their choice of fresh fruit and it’s all organic, that kind of thing. So it’s just kind of a tight niche, kind of a country club atmosphere. Kaiser Serajuddin: Yes. Dave Parise: But the training – again, the training is very intense from the bodybuilder to the CEO, to the – we have a lot of high upper class business professionals that are in the facility as well because the money in personal training really isn’t with the athlete or with the bodybuilder that I found over the last 22 years. It’s really with the business executive or that person who’s just looking to pamper themselves […]

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