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You’ve been sued … Those three words are probably the three most horrific words in small business … And depending on how big your business and profile grows, you become more and more likely to hear those words; after all, Microsoft got sued by the federal government. And on a smaller level almost anyone could come out of the woodwork and drop a suit on you, most notable of which would be one of your clients. So no doubt, as solo trainers, getting sued is a big things on our minds. “How to protect yourself” is something that’s get talked about a lot on the forums, but since I’m not a lawyer I’ll stay out of that discussion (and if you read the SIX-FIGURE FORMULA you know how I feel about lawyers so I won’t get into that again). But I do have some strong, proven ideas to share with you about prevention. This was talked about recently in Malcolm Gladwell’s book “Blink” (if you haven’t read any of Gladwell’s book, including “The Tipping Point” and “Outliers”, they’re more fun than comic books). He talked about the reasons doctor’s get sued in one of the chapters in the book, and […]

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It’s kind of funny how much bold I used to use in the old blog posts … But I thought I’d dig one of them up for you today because I think it’s very timely, relevant, and the info will still be very useful to you … It’s the “let’s get ready for New Years” post from about this time last year. You might ask why are we using a one year old post?  Because Personal Training isn’t rocket science.  If you’re a trainer looking to get started and have your own roster of high paying clients and start building to bigger and bigger things from there, the path is right here in front of you. This post has some real good options to help you – it’s full of tactics, any one of which will help you get a full fledged training business – put a few of them together and watch out! —————————————————————— The holiday season’s here, and for Personal Trainers Christmas comes a little later than for everyone else. It’s on January 1st that Santa gives his present to all the trainers and trainettes that have been good all year – in the form of a flood […]

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