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“ALL MARKETERS SHOULD KILL THEMSELVES!!!” The late, great Bill Hicks and I deliver our take on Information Marketing for Personal Trainers (gratuitous eye-candy included)!

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“Yes, you too can be the next ten million dollar fitness entrepreneur!” In part, Super-Trainer started as an answer to the shameless marketing that’s taken over the fitness industry over the past few years. It was a call to get back to basics – get good at training first and take advantage of what this field has to offer. But if you noticed, it’s not just in fitness that this information marketing craze has taken over. If you browse the web, you’ll see it in almost every field imaginable. With my original feelings on the subject, it’s kind of ironic that I too am now selling stuff online; in my case, it’s the new web and branding services I’m offering to help trainers get their practices pumping hard. And beyond that, maintaining a popular blog and looking to reach lots of people with it (after all, I’m not talking to myself) has forced me to learn a lot about marketing. In that way you could even call me a marketer. But before you throw me in with all the other snake oil peddlers, let me give you my take on this field and my stance on it and in it.

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Haha – that title will getcha reading, won’t it? It’s undeniable that there’s a certain panache to the term Celebrity Trainer … but what does it mean exactly? People tend to think that it means you train celebrities, but not in my opinion. What it means is that you the trainer are the celebrity. For that, you need the help of the media. When I was a kid and watched the news, TV shows, and things in print, I’d be in awe, thinking that type of media coverage was impossible. Now that I’m all grown up and have learned about it, I realize getting into the news isn’t as big a deal as it looks. The truth is that the media has a very hard time finding compelling content to fill their broadcasts.

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Just Added to The Whistleblower Report: NEW 20-PAGE MARKETING SECTION!!! (if you can’t do it now you should just quit! – oh, and in case you forgot BOTH REPORTS ARE FREE!!!)

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Let’s spell it all out in one place, once and for all… That’s exactly what I just did – in a stream of consciousness I just crammed all the realest techniques into one more HARD-HITTING, 20-PAGE SPECIAL REPORT, and added it to the REPORT that was already setting the training world on fire!!! THE ALL NEW MARKETING BLUEPRINT Just added to The Whistleblower Report. Why? Because it wasn’t complete without it. You’ve now got the REAL BLUEPRINT to getting your independent training practice flying. And for those of you just checking in, The Whistleblower is COMPLETELY FREE WITH NO STRINGS ATTACHED: Click here to get it now. Marketing for Personal Trainers has always been a weird subject … Because after all, it’s not like you need hundreds of customers to earn six-figures – You only need about a dozen clients to get out on your own, have a career, and start really living your life – how hard could that be? Well, charging top rates, staying booked solid, and making the process automatic and self-perpetuating can be slightly harder than you think … If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t see so many trainers getting straight-up shafted, and being denied the high-quality […]

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PERSONAL TRAINERS BLOGGING FOR DOLLARS: PART 2 WITH EUGENE THONG – Full breakdown of the importance of blogging for trainers.

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Just when you thought having a website was enough, things online have changed. Creating a static web-page where people come to get information isn’t enough anymore; you need to tell a story that people can connect with. But since you’re a living, growing human being, this story is constantly changing, and if you want to form a strong relationship with your customers, it’s one they’ll want to know about. This is where a blog comes in. With the Internet being about information, that’s precisely what your prospect is looking for when they’re searching for a trainer online. In order to be comfortable with you, they want to form a relationship before they even meet you. While in some ways your website can do that, it’s better to go even deeper. Often, the person that gives the visitor the most access and personal information is the one who’ll win the sale. That’ll be the person that formed the stronger relationship with the prospect, and the relationship is everything. What Is A Blog? Traditionally, a blog (short for web-log) was like an online diary, but consultants like us use it for a specific purpose: we transmit our knowledge, passion, philosophy, and values […]

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WEB 101 FOR TRAINERS – YOUR TEACHER: SCOTT WHITE – Scott breaks down the web for Personal Trainers.

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I know all of you at one time or another has typed the term “Personal Training” into Google out of curiosity. When you did, right there in the top ten results, along with Wikipedia and all the big training companies with huge advertising budgets, you surely saw Scott White’s gleaming bald head shining back at you. If you didn’t know, the web is the best way to get new clients (next to referrals) for every Personal Trainer. Even if you’re familiar with the web, marketing online is a completely different science. With his success at consistently getting top ten results nationally, Scott’s the undoubted master at it in this field. I wanted to get Scott on here to talk about how he does it and see if we could squeeze a few secrets out of him.

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