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Including Boot Camp in your Personal Training Services

Posted on 06. Jan, 2009 by .


These days’ people are very much aware that being fit is really very important. So, people in the field of fitness business really are earning well due to the huge demand in the fitness industry these days. For a personal trainer, it is necessary that you think of new things that will really attract new clients. You have to be creative in thinking of things that will make you and your business grow. One of the things that can surely make you and your fitness business grow is by using fitness boot camps. These will help you in attracting new clients and you will also have the chance to show people how good you are as a professional personal trainer.  Boot camp personal trainingis something that your clients will surely enjoy. This is really different from doing the routine exercises at the gym. People feel free, light and fun when joining this kind of activity. Even if the purpose of the activity is to make your clients sweat, they will still feel that this activity is something different from the usual exercise that they had at the gym. They will not feel like a rat running on a wheel when they join […]

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Boot Camp Exercises

Posted on 05. Jan, 2009 by .


A lot of people these days are becoming interested in joining fitness boot camps. These people find each of the boot camp excercises effective in achieving the fitness goals that they have. People also find fitness boot camp more fun and less boring. So, instead of going to gyms, they are just joining fitness boot camps where they can enjoy their work out more. There are also different boot camp excercises that personal trainers can provide that will surely help people who have specific fitness goals to reach. So, whether you want to lose weight or build muscles, joining a fitness boot camp will surely be a terrific idea for you. Every personal trainer has their own target customers. So, each of them can think of innovative boot camp excercise that will get the attention and interest of their targeted clients. For example if a personal trainer’s target customers are women who want to have gorgeous body, then they can think of a boot camp excercise that concentrates on burning and toning the muscles of their body. They can create innovative boot camp excercise that helps in burning fat on the arms, the tummy and the hips. This kind of exercise will […]

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What it Takes to Become a Personal Trainer?

Posted on 01. Jan, 2009 by .


More and more people these days are becoming interested in joining the field of personal training after seeing income potential in this industry. However, they are pulled back knowing that becoming a personal training trainer is not a simple task as it looks. There are many things that people interested in becoming a personal training instructor needs to keep in mind. They need to be able to handle the high exercises loads with more of their clients daily. Because they will be working with their clients, it is necessary that they are able to handle clients psychologically and physically. Becoming a personal training trainer also requires that they demonstrate to their clients the right way to keep their lifestyle healthy and at the same time teach them with the right values of nutrition. Becoming a personal training facilitator also requires that you are able to perform all the physical workouts that you require your current clients. While you are physically updating your current clients, you are also doing the same for you psychologically. It is necessary that you are able to keep all of them motivated. Don’t let them surrender in their workout routines and exercises. Try to keep them […]

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CASHING-IN ON THE NEW YEAR’S CRUSH!!! Get an early start on the BIGGEST time of year in PERSONAL TRAINING and FITNESS!

Posted on 28. Nov, 2008 by .


The holiday season’s here, and for Personal Trainers Christmas comes a little later than for everyone else. It’s on January 1st that Santa gives his present to all the trainers and trainettes that have been good all year – in the form of a flood of new business! You know what I’m talking about – New Year’s resolution time! It’s when everyone resolves to change their life-long habits and start anew. Does anyone really ever keep the weight off? Not really (see accompanying picture), but who cares? Someone’s gotta be there to help – I know I’m going to step up and you should to! Here’s how –

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THE “BUSINESS” OF PERSONAL TRAINING: TALKING TO KELLI CALABRESE ABOUT GETTING SERIOUS IN FITNESS (listen to the in-depth audio of our conversation – new updated audio)

Posted on 14. Nov, 2008 by .


Didn’t we just finish talking about how Personal Training wasn’t a business?!?! Yeah, but we’re going to shift gears and get down to BUSINESS – we’re going to talk about getting serious about fitness! Even though this blog is about passion and lifestyle, at a certain point you’ve got to make a decision: “Are you going to be a player, or are you going to keep riding the bench?” I got the chance to pick the brain of a lady that’s made a career of kicking trainers in the pants and reminding them to wake-up – Kelli Calabrese.

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