Why Mobile Marketing is Important For Your Fitness Business

Why Mobile Marketing is Important For Your Fitness Business

Posted on 21. Jun, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

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The fitness business is a competitive industry and as owners you have to be up to speed with the best ways to market your business. Mobile marketing has become increasingly popular and is an excellent way to increase sales.According to the Mobile Marketing Association, mobile marketing is “a set of practices that enables organizations and businesses to communicate and engage with their audience in an interactive and relevant manner through any mobile device or network.”

With the millions of mobile phones being used throughout the world, it only makes logical sense as small business owners to take advantage of this marketing tool. The potential to communicate with current and future customers is endless. You have the ability to use both SMS (short text messaging) and MMS (multi-media text messaging), which allows video and audio files to be added to messages sent to customers. These are opportunities you cannot afford to do without.

Just think for a second, how many times have you not gotten a text. Now tell me how many times have you not gotten an email. Case closed!!!!

Mobile marketing provide you with a service to distribute unique offers, coupons,  straight to your customers’ mobile phones. You can reach an endless amount of customers at the same time literally in seconds. Spam filters do not exist therefore messages are not ignored or automatically deleted. Once a customer subscribes to your program, almost 100% of your messages will be successfully delivered to their phone. The redemption rate for text coupons is much higher than traditional advertising because of the ability for customers to keep it on their phone. Now, that is the way to create lead generation, and increase traffic and sales.

Comparing mobile marketing and text marketing to email is like comparing a Ferrari to a Nissan. Not only does text messaging is so much faster but it has 95% open rate as compared to 12-15% for email (If you’re lucky)

I Can’t help it but laugh when I see fitness pros are still using lead boxes. That’s ridiculous!!! That’s like riding a horse to work. There are so many better ways than to put up lead boxes, worry about someone F***** with them, and remembering to go pick up the leads.

Most of the time when a fitness pro picks up the leads they find out that

Side note ( I do that to Justin “fast money” Blum all the time in Vegas) He also readily admits they don’t work and is no longer using them.9 out of 10 fitness pro’s that I talk to never had any luck with lead boxes. I been in the fitness business for years and we NEVER had a good ROI on lead boxes.

Disclaimer: I am not by any means making fun of Jehova’s Witness in anyway . I am simply referring to the “door to door method”

Some people will argue and say that it’s just a numbers game and you should go door to door and knock on the door like a Jehovah’s witness. I don’t know about you but if someone is knocking at my door it’s better be between 10pm and 4am and they better look like…………..


It would take a lot of convincing to get me to let them in at midnight ;) Just saying

Please repeat after me:

There are a couple of things I recommend to get you started. Create a mobile browser-enabled version of your website (mobile site). Many mobile phone users have a smart phone allowing them to access your website. You want to give them the opportunity to obtain more information about your fitness business. Also, start a text message marketing program, such as the one offered by www.ContactFormula.com, and do this immediately. 93% of mobile phone users in the United States have the ability to receive text messages and the cost of mobile marketing is not expensive for small business owners.

As a business owner in the fitness industry, mobile marketing is the future especially the text messaging program. It provides you with the opportunity of sending unscreened messages to the technology customers can’t ignore –their mobile phone. This is a tool you want to use but also need to be respectful of your customer’s privacy. Respect their privacy by not sending meaningless texts. Customers don’t want spam on their phone. They want pertinent information and offers that provide a value. You should also personalize some of your messages and thank them for their business. Customers will feel special and a part of your “fitness family” when you send personal, relevant messages.

So, is mobile marketing important for your fitness business? Absolutely, without a doubt! If you haven’t begun using mobile marketing already, you better get started. Don’t sit back and watch your competition’s sales increase. You be the leader! Take advantage of this amazing technology and increase your lead generation, customer satisfaction, and sales.

I will personally show you how I use this technology in my own business to get 3-5x the ROI.

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21. Jun, 2011

I use contact formula and love it! Whenever I send out a text I get at least 3-5 clients! If your not on board with text message marketing you should be.

Sam, thanks for spending so much time helping me get set up with my text message marketing plan. I really appreciate it.



21. Jun, 2011

Love this post, mobile marketing is a must have for sure. It is such a simple thing to add to your biz and it makes such a big difference. I added texting to my Bootcamp biz a few months ago and it has taken my biz from awesome to super ultra awesome (: It makes it 110% easier to reach leads and clients. I mean, when was the last time that you ignored an email? (I prob. delete at lest 20 a day without reading them) when was the last time that you ignored a text?

Dave DePew

21. Jun, 2011

You are a freaking genius!!!

I always knew that you are the man and the day you help me send 1 text to my list you proved it!

In less than 30 minutes we got 80 past clients wanting to sign-up for our special.

I’m still slammed with people coming in off that 1 text.

Thanks so much!!!



21. Jun, 2011

Dave you truly KILLED it brotha. That’s just a testimony to your relationship with your list. Great job my friend


21. Jun, 2011

I’ve been consistently doing mobile marketing for the last couple months and I can tell you, in the first month I didn’t have a great roi as I would have hope for and the reason why is because mobile marketing is not as big as it is in Europe or Asia YET. But it will be.
I realized the more and more I send text messages and offers on a consistent basis my mobile list of prospects are being (trained) or conditioned to seeing different offers from me every month.
I have also found that you must send relevent text messages, just like an email blast, your list will learn to like and trust you.
Because of my consistency with text messaging I am now seeing a MUCH better return each and every single month.
I do want to say one thing about lead boxes. At least for me in my area, I’m still getting paying clients from these things.
Most of my clients that are coming in from my text message offers are from my lead box list.
So my advice for those that are still using lead boxes:
-send an email and text message to let the lead know to watch out for an email, text, and phone call in the next coupple of days to see if they won my free gift.
-if they didn’t win, they will get an email & text message for a low barrier entry level fitness program.
-then call these leads to let them know about your promo
There will be a small perct. that will respond through email and text who willl want to join your short term program.
Overall mobile marketing is great because you get real live time feedback of interest or not and you will be able to interact right away with you prospects.
I will actually make a video blog for super-trainer to actually show my system on how to get these leads to pay you after they text you back to take you up on your offer.
Anyway great info Sam and thanks for providing a great tool such as Contact Formula.


21. Jun, 2011

Way to go Sam. Excellent post – mobile marketing is the fastest way to reach new clients. Its in its infancy, kind off where google adwords was back in 2003.. the early bird gets the worm and i think its silly to NOT communicate with clients on mobile phones. Great stuff. Love your blog.

Personal Trainer Mumbai

22. Jun, 2011

I need to enter mobile marketing. Thanks for information Sam ..

Sako Yakinian

22. Jun, 2011

I love this post! I thought I was the only one who had a horrible return with lead boxes and thought it was nothing but headache. Great post Sam, love the honesty.

I am still behind on the text marketing, need to set that up as soon as possible. Great post!

Zach Marcy

23. Jun, 2011

Wow, I just got the artwork done on my lead boxes. NO LIE! I talked with Armando Cruz last night and he thinks this is a great automated lead generation tool. Staying on the cutting edge and being ahead of the curve is really important. I’m glad i read this one. Keep it coming, Sam.

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