Hookers, Viagra and The 4 Hour Work Week Ninja

Hookers, Viagra and The 4 Hour Work Week Ninja

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Bad Marketing. It Should Say "Girls Direct To You in 20 Minutes or Less or it's FREE". I told you to look outside your industry. Even Hoes and Pizza can use the same tag line

Now this is What I call filling void marketing. What else can you sell your clients that compliments what you're already selling them. I AM CONVINCED THIS GUY WORKS FOR JUSTIN "FAST MONEY" BLUM


You Got to Love Vegas. You can get a PHD in business and marketing just walking on the streets. No wonder Justin “Fast Money” Blum is so successful :-P

Just when I thought I seen it all.








Dan "The Ninja Man" Go

Hey there, my name is Dan Go but a lot of people call me Ninjaman or The Fat Loss Ninja.  Either one works for me.

I’m honored to be a part of the Super-Trainer board of advisors and I am truly part of an awesome group of successful Fitness Business Owners.  I’m actually pretty psyched because I get to pick their brains (and 7 Figure Sam’s) on what is working for their fitness business.

I totally believe that the purpose of a fitness business is to be the vehicle for your life and not the other way around.  Simply put…

Your Fitness Business Should Be Created To Support Your Lifestyle And Dreams While Giving You The Financial Capability To Buy The Things You Desire.

That statement there is the main reason I am in business for myself.  Those words equal FREEDOM to me.

Now you may be wondering, “Why in the heck should I listen to this really handsome asian dude I’ve never heard about before in my life.”

And I don’t blame you for asking that.  Why should you be listening to me?

Well, here is where I started from:

1.  I dropped out of high school

2.  I dropped out of community college

3.  I got fired from multiple jobs:  Mcdonalds, Blinds To Go, and Eddie Bauer to name a few.

4.  I was also fat and out of shape.

5.  I was told multiple times from friends, family and teachers that I wasn’t ever going to amount to anything.

6.  When I decided to do what I loved and pursue personal training as a career I was told that it was a hobby and that I was making a “stupid” mistake.

Not quite the impressive resume…

My bud Big Chris Mccombs made me put this picture up. I am totally against exposing women

Now here is where I’m currently at in my fitness business:

1.  Through the help of my coaches and mastermind members I have built a Multiple Six Figure Boot Camp.

2.  I manage the marketing for another Group Personal Training business in my area for a nominal cut of their profits.

3.  I dominate the first page of google for my keyword terms.

4.  I work “0” hours in my fitness business.  This allows me to focus on marketing/promotions, creating more systems, work on new income generating projects, playing playstation 3, chilling out by the lake, go on trips wherever/whenever I like and learning more so I can improve my income and my quality of life.

5.  I carry ZERO debt.

6.  I am constantly building my business around the life I want to live and not the other way around.  If it doesn’t jive with my lifestyle and the things I want to do then I don’t do it.

7.  Doing all of this has allowed me to plan out my first 3 month backpacking trip to Asia that I’ll be taking in October to January.

Now I’m not trying to tell you these things to impress you but I’m saying these things to impress upon you that you…yes you…can take yourself from where you are right now and change whichever situation you are in and become successful.

I am dedicated to providing you the information on…

–   How to work less in your fitness business while making more $$$

–   How to create systems so that other people can run your fitness business for you.

–   How to create a business that grows in your absence due to the marketing and systems you have created.

–   And finally….how to have fun and take long ass vacations while doing it.

I really can’t wait to help you build the fitness business of your dreams and with the help of my fellow Super-Trainer.com colleagues you are absolutely GUARANTEED to do that.

Dedicated to improving your fitness business,

Dan Go



12. May, 2011

Wow didn’t know you dropped out of school. Thanks for sharing really looking forward to learning your marketing and your systems.


12. May, 2011

Dayyyyyymn! I have to say, very impressive! I can honestly say I had a badass time in High School, College, and Grad School…but sometime think I should have saved the cheese and hired a coach/mentor right out of high school and started in the fitness industry! I thought about it…YOU DID IT! Badass bro…I think it needs to be Dan “The Gangsta Ninja” Go. Keep killin’ it bro and look forward to more great content…


12. May, 2011

Dan you my friend are a bad ass. Thank you for contributing to super-trainer.com


13. May, 2011

Sam, I just got the download for the Six Figures Bluebook & I’m a fan of super-trainer. Thanks for the good stuff.

Greg Justice

13. May, 2011

I’m a big fan of formal education, hard work, and I’ve never been to Vegas…that being said, Dan is one smart dude!

The great thing about this community is that we can all learn from each other, coming from totally different life experiences.


13. May, 2011


You’re much too classy for Vegas. Yes that’s what is so cool about this blog. Is that we have contributors that are in the trenches.


14. May, 2011

What’s the Catch??


14. May, 2011

Dan thanks for all the useful info at FBS. Everything you told me has worked to a T here at my place.


15. May, 2011

Kaiser – any pic’s of your new place yet!?


16. May, 2011

Dan as always cheers to you and your approach. Systems are a must to get ahead. If you can’t can and clone yourself you are not being efficient with your time.
You my friend are a perfect example of that. Looking forward to hearing more about it.

Leanne Ellington

18. May, 2011

Fired from McDonalds? I woulda never guessed. Wow did they miss out on you!

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