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Posted on 06. Jun, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

I have not met anyone that knows as much about Facebook as my very good friend Josh “the muscle nerd” Carter. And that’s exactly why I call him “the muscle nerd”. Josh has managed to do something that I could never achieve. Josh maintains his businesses and his muscles in tip top shape. something I could never quite achieve.

Josh also does consulting for Facebook ads and sets up some of the baddest fan pages that I have ever seen.

Make sure to checkout Josh’s Facebook Funnel <==== Not an affiliate link. JUST A BAD A** PRODUCT I DON’T MIND PROMOTING.


Without Further ado here is Josh:


Do you tag on Facebook?  Well you should.  Know why?  It is HUGELY viral and the best part…
It is 100% free advertising for your personal training or bootcamps.



Watch this video and learn to do it right.

[vimeo 24625458]


That’s it for now gang, get back to me with any questions.


Josh Carter is a West Hills Personal Trainer

Also checkout Josh’s bad A** Facebook Product called Facebook Funnel

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07. Jun, 2011

Great tip Josh, I have been using this strategy to grow my list on my fan page. Thanks for sharing

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