Robert Cialdini’s Presentation

Robert Cialdini’s Presentation

Posted on 26. Sep, 2011 by in Marketing Fitness

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28. Sep, 2011

Awesome. Thank you!

Kaiser Serajuddin

01. Oct, 2011

Great audio Sam thanks for sharing with the crew. The nuggets Robert taught at the event were essentially the same as what he teaches in his book, but hearing him deliver them in his compelling style made them really hit home. The audience was completely captivated.


03. Oct, 2011

I have been a huge fan of Dr. Cialdini for a long time, and have used his groundbreaking research and insight to help my clients become more outgoing and popular.

While I don’t have nearly the reach of Dr. Cialdini, my readership was quite responsive to a recent blog post I wrote quoting some of the Dr.’s ideas regarding gaining popularity.

I am a dating coach, and while I know that Dr. Cialdini didn’t write this information with that segment of the population in mind, I feel that his ideas are so universal that if we just think out of the box a little bit we can apply it to nearly every facet of our lives.

I would love to write a testimonial or supply any information that would help promote Dr. Cialdini’s ideas to a wider audience.

Thank you,
JT Pierce


03. Oct, 2011

Sam thanks so much. I couldn’t be at the I love marketing event. Loved his book Influence. Looking forward to listening to this.

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